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Sunday, February 01, 2009

My BP is thru the ROOF......STEELERS RULE!!

As much as I love football...I may have to stick with watching tennis for awhile. I have to say, I was over confident up until the 4th quarter. When Arizona started scoring again...I almost peed my pants!! (Sorry son..that's life.)

My dog must have thought someone was attacking me, I was screaming so loud - she kept jumping up on me and barking!!!!

I'm hoping Harrison gets MVP for his 100 yard (intercepted) touchdown run, but looks like Santonio Holmes will be the one. I just knew some of you were dying to know all this info. And thanks for the Canadian kicker, David.

Now, I have to find out when the downtown Pittsburgh parade will be...I may have to make a day trip to SIX*BURGH!!!

1. Youngest coach to win SB - Mike Tomlin, 36
2. Longest touchdown run in SB history
3. SIXTH SB win!!!!

Night-night....I'm exhausted. Later.................


Dave said...

Warmest congrats!
What a game!!!!

steadman said...

i almost peed my pants too..and my first heart attack loomed on the horizon. whew! what a game!!

daughter2 said...

Holy crap! I think I did pee my pants....Terrific Game! Whooo Hooo!

Kulkuri said...

It was a good game. At least this time I could watch the game and not care which team won, last year was a case of I hoped both teams would lose and that is impossible.

giggles said...

Congrats...! I went to the movies but came home in time to watch a very interesting end of game.... And it really WAS interesting!!!