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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I "don't give a shit" day....

Yesterday was a crazy day for sure...and I was hoping to just kick back and relax a little last night. That didn't happen, as I was still receiving phone calls at 10:20 pm, either asking questions or wanting to set up appointments. I guess that is just one of the downfalls of working out of my home - I can live with that.

I did manage to listen to Pres. Obama's speech though, and was so delighted to actually listen to an articulate, intelligent president for a change. And while taking questions from the media - he is quick on his feet and has adequate answers on the tip of his tongue. This is such a lovely contrast to the past eight years of moronic, ignorant, stupid speeches of Dubya. A breath of fresh air if you will. I also have to note that Obama definitely had no clue that his Presidency would begin as it has (recession, financial debacle), when he began his campaign. He has assuredly taken to the task with great zeal so far. I am impressed.

Since yesterday was so chaotic, I am not working on any returns today, just accepting the drop-offs. I vacuumed early, started the laundry, broke down all the cardboard boxes that have amassed on the back deck, to be recycled, and I'm going to mop the kitchen soon (grrrr.....). Mopping is so NOT my favorite sport. The poor dog doesn't know where to go and hide - she hates the vacuum and runs like mad, the cleaning supplies I use (not strong) don't make her happy either. I do believe I may let her stay on the back deck for awhile. **She won't go off the deck because of the rain and she is such a priss!

I have procrastinated long enough, a nap is now out of the question. Curses!! Still a lot to do before thegrandson arrives home from school and the homework task is begun.

Maybe I will return.....later..............So everyone have a great day.


Annette said...

Now that sounds like my kind of day...lol Just thinking of a nap myself...lol

slyght said...

speaking of an eloquent president, check this out.

our president's audiobook