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Saturday, February 14, 2009

So what...Valentine's Smalentines...

Now that sounds just dreadful, doesn't it? Well, it's not like I have anyone sending me flowers, just to die at the ends of my black thumbs. I am not a big fan of chocolates either, although my body shape says otherwise. So what's left? A day full of completing tax returns - that's what. That sounds rather cold-hearted, wouldn't you agree?

Trust me though, I am not complaining, as this holiday is definitely for the commercial markets. I did have a good friend bring me a cheesecake and a Valentine's wish yesterday, with his girlfriend in tow. Curses, she always has to tag along - that's my sort of luck.

All the clients who "picked up" their returns today, were exclaiming about their wonderful dinner plans or gifts they received, to which I graciously smiled and respond "that's so nice." It's 8:15 pm and I don't think I have to say that again till next year. Whew!!!

Enough of all that crap. I was tickled to see that the House and the Senate both passed the stimulus package yesterday. I say enough of trying the bipartisanship garbage. When the repukes had the majority, they crammed more garbage through the legislature than chickens through the bread pan. So I say "stick it to 'em!"

I, as well as a majority of the people, am not 100% happy with this package - but that would be a pipe dream to think that would happen. Have you ever tried to get everyone to agree with anything 100%? I doubt it, because there is always going to be differing views on EVERYTHING. Considering the huge clusterfuck that exists - the package has the potential to re-organize and begin anew.

I do love how there will still be a cap on all top executives and the highest paid employees at all 359 banks that have received government aid. Granted it is not the $500K that Obama had asked for but it limits to 1/3 of their annual pay and has to be in the form of stock. Stock which cannot be redeemed till all government monies have been paid back. Utilizing the better mouse trap theory - I am sure these CEO's have figured out a way to get around this - such as basically raising the base salaries. DUH!?!?! But all this wording was to concede to the "other side of the aisle" - bullshit.

A chief lobbyist for the nation's financial services stated "this is a big deal. This is a problem - it undermines the current incentive structure." If I get this guys address we may have to deal with his idiocy. It is just that incentive structure that has enabled the theft from many hard working individuals in this country. This lobbyist says that most executives will just leave their companies and go to foreign banks or to those NOT receiving government funds. Let them go - I couldn't care less.

Another interesting tidbit - as I read on the Huffington Post - poor, poor George W. Bush is having a very hard time raising money for his Memorial library. He is actually going to make a plea to his "fan" base for donations. I don't want to have to beg here - but if one of you sends a dime - I will arrange to have your fingers broken. Doesn't that sound vicious?

I have done just about all I can today, the tax returns, a load of wash, dishes washed, babysitting the grandson - now I am headed in for a super HOT bath and just soak. If I'm lucky, hopefully I can get thegrandson to crash early tonight. (That would be by 9:30 pm). I'm worn out and getting a headache so - hopefully I will have something better to write about tomorrow.

Oh, after several 50 - 60 degree days, we have snow all day today (not sticking), but still cold again...grrrrrrr. I wish Spring were here - I'm ready to get the sandals out again.

Have a great evening and Sunday. Happy Valentine's Day to all - and I really do mean that!


slyght said...

sorry i didn't send anything, i forgot it was valentine's day altogether. kinda happens when single, i guess. love ya.

J Ho said...

"Tax Cuts, Tax Cuts, Tax Cuts," That was all the Republicans said.

And when that went nowhere, "This thing is full of pork spending."

And when that went nowhere, "It's 1100 pages! I never had a chance to read it! Everybody is voting on a bill, and they never read it!" They've been debating the bill for 2 weeks. And they have aids and lobbyists who read the bills for them anyway.

I wonder if those Republicans read the Patriot Act?

Kulkuri said...

Since Sept. 11, 2001 there have been a number of bills like the Patriot Act that were rushed thru with little or no time to read what was in it. IOKIYAR!!

As for aWol's 'liberry', how much will it take to house a couple of coloring books (not all of the pictures are colored and those that are, he didn't do a good job of staying within the lines) and the book "My Pet Goat"???