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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Glad my son is out of Cairo....

When I read about this explosion at the Khan e-Khalili bazaar in Cairo today, my heart just sank. It was less than a year ago that I enjoyed touring that area with my son and enjoying the surrounding mosques - and to see that today it was the target of some dissidents home made bomb, is frightening.

Theson is now in Alexandria, Egypt - so maybe my worries are less - but as a mother, I will ALWAYS worry. This explosion happened during evening prayers, and there were many tourists and locals attending, at the Hussein Mosque. One French citizen was killed with many more injured. The local police also found one more bomb which had not been detonated.

Hussein Mosque in background

I understand the theory of the moment, is surrounding the Israel/Gaza conflict. the last bomb attack in Cairo was over three years ago. But I guess a thought I try to keep out of my head, is that several Al-Queda terrorists are from Cairo and many have trained there also.

I wish only safety to all foreigners at this time. And to theson - just be careful and aware. Later.........

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Utah Savage said...

This post looks important and I will be back to read it. But I'm here to tell you I have given you an award. It comes with the opportunity to pass it on, so that's either a joy or another job. Your choice. But you sure do fit the bill for this particular award.