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Saturday, January 31, 2009

GOOD GRIEF...give me a break......

The nitpicking has begun and now I am pissed....again. Former Bush chief of staff, Andy Card, is bitching to the media that Obama has a "locker room mentality", in his laid back approach to the Oval office. Reading here, just makes me want to smack someone "upside da head!"

In saying that Obama shows a complete lack of respect for the Office of President and the Oval office - I find stupid if not moronic.

OK, Bush made a rule, that suits and ties were to be worn at all times in the Oval office, big whoop - now explain to me how, what a person may be wearing will affect any decisions being made in one particular "office."

In my humble opinion, President Obama makes a much better connection with "the people" in his down to earth appearance and demeanor. I also have not seen anything phony in this representation.

I have never been a fan of seeing a man with a chokingly tight collar and tie. Now throw in unbearably hot weather - and I see a man in a business suit and tie - I want to say "go home and get your polo shirt on and chill."

I care more for what a person has to say and contribute than what "they are wearing." Men have much fewer options in "dressing up" than a woman. A suit, is a suit, is a suit - only the color changes. How boring is that? Whereas, a woman has a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Nope, nope, nope...I am quite happy with Obama's approach - in his office, to the people and his family. He has quashed the "Hail to the Chief" being played at every drop of the hat, and his press conference began with no announcement such as "Ladies and gentlemen, the POTUS!"

Michelle Obama has also announced to the household staff that they need not dress so fancy 24/7. She even said there may be times when she would like the staff to join her and the girls for a movie. I say, SUPER.

We are not a monarchy - and I believe that the Obama's would like to keep some normalcy in their lives and remain just "people." How cool is that? Of course, I understand that the blue-nosed, Washington snobs are all in a tizzy over these "acts of defiance" but my message to them....GET OVER IT!!!

Is Obama going to show up in grunge wear...I think not. But I definitely believe business casual may become more common over the next four eight years.

Just a thought here...I also believe a man may think more clearly when blood flow to the brain is unrestricted by a damn TIE.

Okie dokie...enough for tonight. My neighbor has erected a huge STEELER NATION sign in their yard for tomorrow, and hopes to get a picture with as many supporters as possible. So I will definitely be trudging through the snow to be captured for posterity.

I must get a good nights rest for tomorrows events. Take care and I'll be back later................


Mnmom said...

If ever a man disrespected the Oval Office, it's W and all he did to rip apart our country. Oh, and Clinton for having sex in there. I think the lack of a suit coat is the Oval Office's least concern

Dave said...

I am so with you on this one.

Mauigirl said...

Me too.

And go Steelers!

Kulkuri said...

If the last administration were a car, I'd say it was 'all show and no go!!' We should judge people by what they do, not how they look. aWol said he was going to restore honor to the White House and instead he brought dishonor and disrespect on it from around the world. They were all about style but no substance!!

Nan said...

Typical Republican asshat nonsense. You know, every man I've ever known who had to wear a suit to the office would take off the jacket before he started doing any work. Someone sitting behind a desk all day with a suit coat still on is someone who's either a figurehead or a slacker, which, come to think of it, is a pretty good description of aWol.

MC said...

I just figure the time that is not being spent dressing up is getting used fixing some of the problems. A president only has so many hours in a day and I think I'd rather they spend time looking at policy than looking at themselves in the mirror.