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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sleep is not a really good friend of mine. Although my body can literally be screaming for sleep, it still becomes a JOB. So as I flip flop from the top of the bed to the bottom, constantly changing positions, I always have the remote in my hand. Let me tell ya...I have rolled over - the remote went flying, hitting the dog in the head, but I scurry out of bed to retrieve my security blanket!

In the early hours of this morning, I landed on the EWTN channel. That would be the "Eternal Word Television Network." Solidly Catholic in all it's formats, but this nincompoop Raymond Arroyo, has a news show and the discussion was all over the Conservative map.

As I tuned in, they were showing a clip of VP Joe Biden, exclaiming that domestic violence is the most heinous crime around. To which Arroyo and his Catholic Bishop cohort jumped in with - "What about abortion?" OK - let me see, the correlation is what? I guess the jerk will take any opening to spew his garbage.

But from that brief topic they jumped into the "torture" discussion. And yes, as good Catholics and citizens of the United States of America, they have no problem with these acts, as they really can't be classified as TORTURE. Their theory is that these young men may have information to keep us safe, so we need to do whatever possible to glean that info. OK - you don't believe in killing the unborn...but it is OK to torture a grown individual, which could possibly lead to death. Oh, I forgot about the Inquisition...it appears to be the same mentality.

I was getting mad at this dialogue, and they were moving on to attack Hillary Clinton, so channel surfing was the best solution. No offense against any Catholics out there, but I have had serious issues with their ideas and precepts for oh so many years.

Breaking News: PA Sen. Arlen Specter is switching from Republican to the Democratic Party!!! I actually thought this was coming, but it definitely makes me happy now. If Minnesota can get off its ass and tell Coleman HE LOST, and Al Franken gets seated....60 Democratic Senators and they become filibuster proof. Woohoo!

Now, they need to confirm Kathleen Sebalious TODAY!! This is unforgivable, as there is a Health emergency at this moment, and that office seat needs leadership A.S.A.P.
I have my outside work finished, as least what I can do so far. I have to paint (treat) the front and back decks, but rain is headed this way this afternoon, and will be hanging around for a few days - so that is out of the question.

After an argument with thedaughter last night - she was upset because she said I was bad-mouthing her on my blog (oops - might have), she put her AC unit in her bedroom window. Of course this didn't happen without a great deal of loud "bad" language, and objects being thrown - but at least she can cool off now.

I'm working on laundry now, so behave and play nice, I will return........later...........


Annette said...

I hear what you are saying about the remote and the tv.. mine is on 24/7 ..lol As far as the so called conservatives and their stands.. they just don't make sense to me. First of all this abortion debate.. ok, I understand they are against it, because it is killing.. then they say they are FOR capitol punishment.. but then when you start bringing the religious argument into this.. is where I have to draw the line. Because once you do that.. Catholics, Protestants whatever, they claim once you ask God or the Priest for forgiveness, whichever it happens to be, your sins are forgiven and forgotten, so if that's the case how can you put someone to death for that crime?
That's where I have a problem with Conservatives and Religious people and their argument about Abortion and death.. Lawrence O'Donnell tried to get Pat Buchanan to see this on MSNBC the other day... it's just a hypocritical stance.

Mommy Lisa said...

Totally agree on the Catholics - so happy about Mr. Specter, Arlen that is...

AND if our idiot Democratic Candidate Mike Hatch had not made a HUGE mistake in lashing out at the media just weeks before the last gubanatorial election we would not have Pawlenty and the Republican party with enough power to keep poor Al out of his seat.

Calling a reporter a "Republican whore" does not sit well with conservative Minnesota DFL'ers.


Nan said...

Considering that Catholics gave us the Inquisition, I'm not surprised they're fine with bringing back some of its nastier conversion methods.

Utah Savage said...

Your daughter sounds a lot like me when I was young. Surly.

slyght said...

i have no problem bad-mouthing her instead. you know that, but it always upsets you when "I" do it.