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Friday, April 17, 2009


Do not think for one minute that I DID NOT put on my apron and headscarf to start the drudgery of housecleaning!!! And pose for this beaver shot...no doubt. I took a rather brief break from posting here (all of one day), but relaxation never figured into the equation either.

Yesterday, we exchanged thegrandson's new Easter bicycle - as the hand break cracked in half - and to me, that is worthy of the store making it right with the consumer. Woohoo, no argument, and I actually upgraded the bike purchase. Thegrandson is quite happy now - and he realized that the damn Easter bunny didn't bring it to the house either. Oh well!!

We ended up at baseball practice (6 pm), which is supposed to last an hour, and we left the field at 8 pm. Now, I was in a grumpy mood - as we are not a family to eat dinner early. We are all starving - so after getting home, we threw a couple of steaks on the grill and nuked a couple of potatoes. The overhead microwave took a dump, just we started everything. We then had to bring up the reserve counter top microwave...and ate about 8:45 pm. I have no problem with the counter top model...but I don't have that much counter space to give up for it to reside there permanently. When I hit the lottery - I'm redoing this damn kitchen!!!

I have been utilizing "Maxine's" method since tax season began...and the scanning has ceased and reality set in - I HAVE to physically CLEAN!! After I returned home from tanning this morning, I jumped into the kitchen mess. Curtains are in the wash, nine foot glass sliding door is cleaned. Files are waiting to be returned to the basement (along with supplies), the kitchen table is covered with "stuff", and my first pot of coffee is almost depleted.

It is 1 pm, and thedaughter just came down with her usual comment "why didn't you wait for me?" Duh!?!? Because I don't like to start new projects halfway through the day - that's why! I honestly don't know how some people can sleep all day. Four or five hours is about my limit.

Thedaughter is also unhappy, because I want to MOVE some pieces of furniture. When I clean I like to see everything in a new way. Call it a quirk, but that is how I am. Since we now have to use the smaller microwave, I have figured out how to utilize a small shelf unit and free up my limited counter space. When I get a strong back in here to help, I am going to switch my table and chairs to a smaller one I have in the basement. Aha...more room!!

In my "next life", I think I want to come back as a cat, and just lounge around all day, lick my butt, and watch the humans do EVERYTHING!! With that comment, I have to get back to the drudgery. I shall return....later........


Utah Savage said...

If I get to chose, I'll come back as a much loved cat. I live like a cat, except for the butt licking, which makes me one lazy human. I take large-old-cat catnaps. And then sleep deeply for at least 7 hours. Do not think yourself so damn normal because you only need four hours. you've probably always been a morning person. Just saying.

And if I could look like any old house-cat, that cat in the picture would be me. I'd be a laid back cat. I wouldn't notice the laughter of those passing by. I'd only leave my napping place when I heard the fridge door open.

Annette said...

I just wish I could do all of that...lol I do some heavy cleaning but it is very little and it takes me forever...lol One room at a time.

The Immortal Woman said...

I like to move the furniture when no one is up, especially when I know there may be drinking. It confuses them, and I laugh!!!

Debbie said...

Count me on the reincarnation as a cat! Wouldn't that be grand?

Lisa said...

You are so good! I think you're more organized than most.