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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


INTERESTING COINCIDENCE - MY FAT ASS!! Now this fukktard has gone and opened her mouth again...totally obliterating the FACTS. Hello.....Gerald Ford a Repuke was President in '76, for that vaccination fiasco. I wonder if she even knows it started at Fort Dix???? Prolly not!!

And Mitch McConnell saying, with Specters party change, the ruling party will ensure no checks and balances, and the country is in danger. Again HELLO....explain to me the checks and balances that were in place when Dubya was ruling!! When Cheney was changing the Constitution, where were the checks and balances?

Face it, many more (voters) will be jumping ship in the future. The GOP and their far, far right doctrine is no longer appealing to quite a few. But thanks for the laughs I have had today, listening to Michael Steele, McConnell and of course this person above. As long as this conservative group is easily led by the Hannity's, Malkin's and Limpdicks Limbaughs - I can keep my sense of humor.


Annette said...

Did you know she has her own web site now... www.bachmannwatch.com I think it is... The Democratic Party has it up because she is so crazy they had to give her her own web site to keep track of her...lol

Lisa said...

But she's so pretty - she can say whatever she wants! Like Glenda the Good Witch, just bad.

PENolan said...

I still say I'm not paying attention to the Bachman Broad until she proves she can twirl a baton.

Perhaps my understanding of checks and balances is limited since I'm having to recall back to High School Civics class, which I think people aren't required to take anymore because it interferes with standardized test scores BUT aren't checks and balances about the three branches of government - legislative, executive and judicial - having the power to prevent each other from running amok? Like the president can Veto something Congress does or the Supreme Court could declare it unconstitutional?

arrozconpollo said...

Its laughable hearing Republican Senators decrying the loss of checks and balances, when THEY willingly gave up legislative powers to a Republican president, and tried to strip away the filibuster rule to get in truly activist judges in the Supreme Court. Of course, the Republicans used the filibuster by 2x the historical record in the last Congress. Fucking hypocrites.

The Republican party is purging itself of anyone even remotely moderate in a quest for ideological purity. The Republican party is radicalizing itself, and is being increasingly led by the bat-shit crazy. Bachmann, Beck, and the rest are who these people PREFER to have speak for them.

Kulkuri said...

Years ago I heard something that has served me well. "Consider the source".

As they keep digging the hole deeper, I'm enjoying it. I may yet get to see my fantasy come true, that they will become the "Whigs" of the 21st Century. It's only fitting as they replaced the Whigs or was it the "Know Nothing" party?????

Kulkuri said...

You need more "reactions" as this was not funny, interesting or cool.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

LOL... too funny.