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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


After I finished guffawing over Alan Greenspan's argument about the correlation between the economy and the sales of men's underwear, I just had to come here. Even when I had a husband in the house (another chuckle), I, of course did the laundry and the underwear purchases. I honestly can't remember ever buying my husband underwear because he NEEDED more or as replacements. I just made the annual 3 pack purchase for his stocking at Christmas. It must have been his girlfriend that bought them when he needed them - and he kept them at her place. Lovely thought there!

But back to the analogy of Greenspan's. He eloquently states that men's underwear sales are relatively flat line on the retail records, yet when the economy worsens, there is a small blip downward - which apparently is rather foreboding. My question here would be - and how does the sale of women's underwear fare on this scale?

Since I am not out to impress anyone (male), I haven't bought new underwear in a couple of years. Are some a little ratty and torn - quite possibly. But I consider them just about "broke in." I almost feel brokenhearted when I have to actually discard a pair - like I've lost a good friend.

Hanesbrands, Inc., apparently has shown this downward blip - whereas Skiviez (a higher end market) exclaims a rise in sales. Go figure (as I scratch my head), WTF is going on??? The forecast trend for 2009 has been published as: Briefs sales are expected to increase to $1.18 billion dollars in sales (up .06%). While Boxers sales are expected to decline 3.5% to $1.09 billion. DAMN!!! That is one helluva lot of underwear.

So in order to stimulate the economy - MEN...get out there and buy some underwear today. Boxers, briefs, thongs, whatever....even something like what's pictured here. No skid marks, no blow-outs, better yet...no wedgies.

While perusing pictures of the varieties of men's underwear...I found it all very interesting. Plainly, the appeal is to the woman - with the posing and ... posing! I saw some pretty good looking men, hopefully making a pretty paycheck modeling all the underwear. So, now that I know what sales have to increase to cure the economic woes - I may have to start giving my clients a 3 pack as a kind gesture. Let all the wives get jealous - it would be hilarious.

Gonna run - I got 5 calls for new clients today (not bad with only one week left till the tax deadline), but I will take them. More hours of work, but I am used to that routine. Have a great evening and I may return tomorrow or......later...............


Utah Savage said...

Love the visuals.

I feel the same way you do about underwear. Hanes white cotton bought at the grocery store suits me fine. I never wear a bra at home unless I have male company--and we know how rare that is. The absence of braw wearing saves on the need for buying replacement bras. Bra shopping is about as much fun as shopping for a swimsuit.

I'm such a slob, I don't comb my hair some days. I wash my face and then run my wet fingers through my hair. I become more like a man in many ways as I age. Or maybe men and women become more like one another as they age. I don't want to sound sexist.

Annette said...

Hell if that's what it takes to turn around the economy I will go buy some men's underwear and stick in my spare bedroom...lol

Mnmom said...

Somehow, I don't think those ads are aimed at straight women . . . .

I like my "Hanes Her Way"

Kulkuri said...

I just recently bought a six-pack of socks. Does that count for anything?? They were Hanes and made in USA!!!!

Lisa said...

I was just thinking that it's time for MathMan to get some new drawers. I'll remind him to do his part for the country.