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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have stated many times that I have actually "let my house go" during tax season. I start work early in the mornings, and more often than not, continue till quite late in the evenings during those few weeks. If I had to weigh my favorite activity between the two - work would win out every time.

I took a couple of days off and did NOTHING, but then reality set in on Friday. I tore my kitchen apart, rearranged some of the furniture and washed everything. Thedaughter supplied some assistance AFTER she awoke at one in the afternoon. Trust me, this was an ALL day chore, and we finished around 9 pm.

Yesterday, thedaughter worked 9am-7pm, thegrandson played outside all morning - till it was time to leave for baseball practice at 3pm. By that time, I had my bed down off the risers, all the hidden items under the bed were removed, windows cleaned, bedding in the wash - again I moved a dresser and the bed, and two items completely out of the room.

I could not get out of my car while the little critter had his ball practice. I have managed to piss off my back to no end. Not whining here, but I have had triple bypass and the breast bones never healed. I was allergic to the wire, so when I move my shoulders in certain directions - it feels like the bones become overlapped. This hurts. In 1980, I had back surgery and massive work was done on four lumbar vertebraes.

I had no problems whatsoever with my back till October 2007. I fell over the cat one day, while in a rush - and I fukked up everything that was corrected with the prior surgery. I can't stand for long periods, sitting for long periods is also quite painful. To make a long story short - I am in pain 24/7.

But the cleaning and household chores have to be done and I can't afford a cleaning person, and heaven forbid my daughter would jump right in and help. She manages to yell at me for doing all these things, but I can't wait till the mood swings her - to get it all done.

I won't even mention the arthritis that thrives in every joint of my body. Just another pain to remind me of my age.

There is NO cleaning on the agenda for today - it would be tantamount to suicide. I do have to follow through with the laundry I started. Other than that, thegrandson can entertain himself, and I am going to veg out. The only difficult chore will be figuring out dinner and getting it prepared.

I have all my candles lit (love my candles), and the sun is shining (temporarily), and I need to heal.

Have a great day all...I shall return later............(I've griped enough!)

P.S. Theson has returned from his R&R in Scotland (I believe), but haven't heard from him as yet. I know he had a great time, as his high school friend met up with him in Edinburgh and she even took 2 extra days off (more than planned) to spend time there. I know he will communicate soon - or else!!


Lisa said...

Ah nuts. I hate a sore back. It's so annoying and it keeps you from doing what you want.

I hope it's quick to heal for you.

Utah Savage said...

Let us be a warning to our younger friends that you can ruin you back by doing all the work yourself. I was that woman when I thought I was invincible. I haven't had any surgeries, but I tend to get sciatica easily and then can't get rid of it. l spend almost two years in so much pain I couldn't do anything. And I'm allergic to all the really effective painkillers.

But even though I'm not in the kind of pain you describe, I can't do hard physical work all day long. I say slow and stead wins the race against pain.

But if you are just driven to it by the need to be perfect, be careful. What if you trip over the cat again.

Chickie said...

Ouch. Hope now that things are tidy that you can take it easy and feel better!

Liberality said...

Hope your back gets back in shape very soon. Pain is no fun for anyone.