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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hoppy Easter (Bunny) Day to all! Around this house, it is a morning of finding the eggs (he found them all) and enjoying what the Easter Bunny may have brought the little critter. Normally, the EB brings some clothes and something small...but since summer is on its way, thegrandson needed a bigger bicycle. He looks like a circus clown on his teeny tiny bike - while riding it up and down the street.

Since Uncle Zac (theson) taught him to ride - he is becoming braver by the day.

Now, he thinks he is especially "cool" because he has a KICKSTAND!!! With the teeny bike, he just let it flop on his side whenever he was done for the moment. This is a 20" bike, and I thought my measurements were quite good...but not quite great. He should have at least an inch clearance between groin and center bar - I believe he may be a little closer than an inch. So I have given him major warnings about just flopping down on the bar - for any reason. We don't want to jeopardize the family jewels. His first comment was "that would probably hurt!" I did not mention anything about seeing stars or passing out!

Thedaughter is working till 6:30 pm, and I wasn't going to cook anything other than a ham - to piece on, but I caved. I finished making a broccoli casserole and escalloped potatoes. As hard as I try to break a tradition - the inner me says..."you have to do it!!"

Now, being a little after 4 pm., thegrandson is whining that he hasn't anyone to play with. I have explained that it is a family holiday and he just has to grin and bear it for the moment. He is having NO PARTS of that argument. Grrrr.....

I made a "quickie" video of the little snot tyke, trying out the new wheels, on the neighbors driveway - he mastered the challenge!!

Great news on this Easter Sunday...that ship's captain has been rescued from the Somali pirates - 3 pirates killed and one now in captivity (courtesy of the U.S. Navy). Now the dilemma...how does the U.S. go about prosecuting this one pirate? If we let him return to his band and no charges - I may go ballistic. An example has to be made - and actions have to be taken to put a halt to these piracy's. Damn, the money is going to buy arms - that will probably be used against us in one form or another. Another situation to get me mad. Enough already.

Go back to your sumptuous meals and enjoy your family's and friends! I shall return....later..........

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Annette said...

Great Job... Way to go!!!