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Monday, April 06, 2009


It has been just over a year since thegrandson was hospitalized with a flesh eating bacteria. But at that time, the doctors, and there were many, all told us that if any skin ailment would present itself - to immediately seek medical attention.

Yesterday, thegrandson grabbed his ear and screamed that his ear hurt (exterior), and when I looked at his ear, it was quite red and to me appeared to be sunburned. We put some salve on his ear before he went to bed, but he had a terrible night and could not sleep because of the pain. When I got up this morning I realized that thedaughter and thegrandson had NOT left for school and something was amiss.

Thedaughter made an appointment at the doctor's for 11:30 am, and she had to call off work (that's another story in itself) in order to make this appointment.

Since baseball practice began last week, we both were assuming that it was a sunburn from the three days of practice. Realistically, the sun was not warm enough to cause any sunburning on any of those days, and the doctor made that observation. The ears are now blistering and the doctor has prescribed some more lotions, but says this appears to be a chemical type burn. Egads...we have no clue how that would happen.

According to the doctor, it could involve picking an item up, and then wiping his face with his hands. Again, no clues here. I am checking with the neighbor, as he was playing on their new gym set, and possibly the wood has been treated with some chemicals.

At the present time, there are white blisters appearing around the edges of his ears and he is plain old miserable. When the little guy hurts - I hurt!! He will go back to school tomorrow, but there are precautions involved. When these blisters pop, a secondary infection is possible - so playing in the dirt is out of the question for the moment. With Spring here (except for snow tomorrow) recess time at school is played outside - he will not be allowed to participate at this time (poor baby.) Time....it will all just take time and patience, and all will be well...I hope.

Theson's package came today from the SomethingStore.com. Apparently one pays "X" amount of dollars and you receive a package, not knowing what will arrive. I took pictures of all the contents and forwarded those pictures on to theson. I just want to thank theson NOW - for all MY new stuff!! After he has seen the pictures, I will post them here - so if anyone is interested in ordering from this place, they can see the quality of the products.

Back to work for now...everyone behave and play nice today. I may be back later today or just.........later............


Annette said...

I hope he is ok.. and I hope you find out what it is and what caused it.

Mnmom said...

Poor little thing! Hope it clears up soon. Can you give him some Tylenol to help him sleep? One of my daughters had an infected belly button once - kids get the most bizarre stuff!

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

poor lil bubba!

i been thinkin a lot about who poisonous are our surroundings.

like, i think we born in the boom and since will NOT outlive our parents' generation.

i'm reminded of this again when i regard your Darwin poster. Evolution would truly be remarkable if it could throw up enough adaptations to account for the poisonous effects of pervasive atmospheric formaldehyde, and plutonium, and saccharine, and cobalt, and BGH... the entire toxic stew in which we swim so blithely is killing us and the rest of the biosphere with equal aplomb and ambivalence...

okay, i am not an optimist...

Utah Savage said...

That looks very painful. I assume his doctor knows about the flesh eating bacteria of past and will watch for future flesh eating bacteria. I'm just not strong enough to deal with the traumas of the grandchildren I don't have.

I always identify with the babies and children even if they are grown babies and children--in any dispute with a parent or grandparent I take the kids side. So from this, I assume I am still the child. You can't get away with that shit if you are the parent or grandparent. So when I adopt, my kids are full grown and unlikely to have babies.

Chickie said...

Oh, no! Poor kiddo. Hope you all figure it out soon or it goes away. Sickness without reason truly sucks.

themom said...

Annette: Thanks for the well wishes.

Mnmom: We are giving him Children's liquid Advil...fingers crossed.

Woody: You speak volumes.

Utah: The doctors are right on top of this - they have even consulted with the specialist from a year ago. I'm happy with them...so far!

Chickie: Thanks - I remember your comment from last year also. You are a super "MOM." Even if COAEW is still around.

Debbie said...

Bless his heart.
When my youngest was two, he squirted some over the counter lotion I had that was anti-aging on his hands. It blistered his hands and his mouth area (he rubbed it there too). Terrible blisters.