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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


What else does one do, when one has been sitting for hours in a cubicle in an emergency room....start blowing up the gloves for entertainment. I definitely don't have the talent of blowing it up ala Howie Mandel, but this sufficed.

Thedaughter came home in considerable abdominal pain last night (after work), and after some basic home treatments the pain did not abate any, so off to the ER we go, this morning. We got there at approximately 10:20 am, and the first test (an ultrasound) was not even started till 1 pm. Initially she was given dilaudid for pain, and she was actually bearable as she was now sleepy. Finally, around 3pm, they decided they were going to do a CAT scan, so I left to come home and pick up thegrandson after school. We got back to the hospital by 4pm, her pain meds are wearing off and now they want to do a pelvic...needless to say, her demeanor has hit rock bottom.

Now I have to deal with her and thegrandson, who bores easily. By 7:30 pm, thedaughter has turned into the "bitch from hell." In a way I don't blame her as we are not getting any answers, and after 3 cubicle changes, the nurses hardly even pop in to see how she is doing. I finally go out to the desk and ask this pre-pubescent pregnant doctor, "what the hell is going on with the CAT scan results?" I swear her favorite word of the day was "HENCE." If I had a weapon I would have used it, trust me. Her reply, "well, I can't do anything till the radiologist reads the scan." I immediately reminded her that the scan was almost 2 hours earlier. After she put down her Holly Hobby doll, she asked someone to check with radiology again - big fukking whoop!!

Now, it is almost 8pm and the daughter is starting to remove her IV, and I'm contemplating going postal. The doctorette appears and says that they would like her to stay the night and the doctor may want to do a procedure tomorrow morning. Guess what, thedaughter is having no parts of that idea. Well, not the entire idea...she wants to go home, get a few things and then possibly return for admission. They are not happy about the idea, but said it is workable. The end result was, she is now home and if the pain worsens, she will go back. If not, she is calling the doctor in the morning to arrange for whatever procedure is required.

Now, I am the one in total pain...my back is screaming at me, quite belligerently I might add. Hospitals are not conducive to comfortable waiting. Not eating all day was not a great thing either.

So here it is a little after nine o'clock, thedaughter has conked out from the pain meds, thegrandson is in bed, and I am clicking away on the puter. We picked up Dairy Queen for a great late late dinner, so at least I don't have to do dishes.

I guess the hospital will get a treat when they realize she has no insurance and will gladly give them $5 a month. Then again, maybe that's why they treated her so badly!! Hmmm...

So take this ER people - we are pissed!


Liberality said...

You are probably right about them treating her so badly because she has no insurance. All they care about is the money in the end.

The Immortal Woman said...

it is no better with insurance- unless there is an object sticking out of you or in you, or you are dripping blood on the floor, you will be there until you either give up on your own or heal yourself. There is nothing more aggrevating.

Chickie said...

I had a comment but lost it when I saw "Dairy Queen". I miss Dairy Queen.

Tater tots with cheese and jalapenos and a cheeseburger. Oh god.