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Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have written before about my lying, cheating husband - and you have been so patient with me when I choose to go on a tirade. But Facebook has its benefits, as an old classmate just happened to post a picture of a bar in my hometown of Parkersburg - which happened to burn to the ground last night.

After my husband and I moved to this area - I managed to make a couple of trips a year, back to Parkersburg to visit friends. Little did I know that at a future date, my husband would move back to "my hometown" with his slut girlfriend. (I'm not being too nasty - am I?) Being the creature of habit that he was...he always had a "bar of choice" to quench his thirst.

The "Sly Fox" was just that bar. Hee-hee, it burned to the ground last night. I know that his "girlfriend" still frequented the place, as I always spied my husbands car (which was supposed to go to my daughter) in the parking lot of this bar, when I made my trips to town.

Dumb ass that she was/is, I even got pictures of the man she moved in with her a month after my husband died. What a moron. Now, I am sure there is a major case of depression going on in her household this day - because she will have to find a new "watering hole."

Be that as it may...this does NOT break my heart.

I am still feeling a little punky, but will try to put together a more substantive post after while. Have a great day - it's sweltering here - 84 degrees already. No AC yet, just ceiling fans to move the air.



rennratt said...

Hey! I used to go there! I don't know what it was called back in the 90s, but I think that's the place! (I worked at The Filling Station up on the main road.)

Nan said...

Not a bad looking older building before it became rubble.

Annette said...

Yeah sometimes revenge comes to those who are patient...lol

Chickie said...

Sometimes it takes awhile for karma to come around but isn't it nice to see a little of it? :)

Kulkuri said...

Worked on National Guard helicopters at the airport and stayed in Parkerburg in '84. Don't remember the bar as I wasn't into bar-hopping then.