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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I have loved watching "House" ever since it first aired. There are times I could jump through the set and throttle him and then there are times he has me laughing hysterically. He is the quintessential problem solver - the one all go to when a case defies all diagnoses. Of course that is what he is - a diagnostician.

For the first few years, Dr. house's team consisted of three young doctors, but last season saw House choose a completely new team. The group which he culled his elite squad from, was a very quirky group to say the least. There was a set of blonde twin girls who were "clueless", an aging gentleman who never attended medical school, and of course the "cut-throat bitch", who fell in love with Dr. Wilson and was killed as the result of a car accident - saving Dr. Houses' life. Whew...almost like a soap opera!

But one of the lucky ones (who started out as No. 6, but after being fired - returned as No. 9), was Dr. Kutner, played by Kal Penn of the "Kumar" movie fame. There were times he could be rather intelligent, and then quite stupid - as when he applied cardio shocks in a hyperbaric chamber. Smooth move - he set the patient on fire! DUH!?!?

Be that as it may, my Monday night viewing was totally shocking last night. Instead of seeing Kal Penn interact with the rest of the cast (in whatever plot is going on), we see him (actually just legs) on his bedroom floor in a pool of blood - he shot himself! OMG - Kutner committed suicide.

I don't think I have been this "shocked" since Henry Blake was killed off on M*A*S*H - oh so many years ago. I didn't see this coming, as I'm sure so many others didn't either.

Listen to me, you'd think I had no life...oh I forgot, I don't! The upside to all this is that Kal Penn made the decision himself to be written out of the show, as he is off to pursue political dreams - on Obama's staff. He is going to be the associate director in the White House office of public liaison. Read the article to actually see what that entails.

This young man is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pursue another love in his life, and for that I give him praise. For ruining my Monday night viewing - I'll have to think about forgiveness. It has been a long time since I let a TV show upset me in a way - after all - they are just shows. Now I am sure the storyline will take some crazy twists and turns before the season ends - so as usual on Monday evenings, I will be parked, waiting for another installment of my favorite show - HOUSE!

Thegrandson had a better night sleeping - what little he got, since he refused to go to sleep till almost 11 pm. He had to forego gym class this morning, so he would not irritate the already irritated.

We woke up to a snow covered ground, and a lot of "blowing" snow.

Whether I get the call that baseball practice is cancelled or not...I'm cancelling it! It is too damn cold for these little guys to be out running around in the cold and mud. Another executive decision from mean old Nina!

OK, enough gab for now, I have to get back to work. Two new clients will be dropping off tomorrow and I have several to get finished. I can see that this tax season is going to be right down to the wire. If I get time, I may complete my own return today - or not!

Have a great one and I will return....later................


Lemmy Caution said...

I don't generally watch much television....I don't even have cable or satellite, but HOUSE is one of the two shows (the other being LOST) that I try to watch every week....and not JUST because it's a major network show with a lead character that is an atheist....

It is just mostly been a well done well written show (although this season has clearly been the weakest so far with too much soap opera style 'will they or won't they coupling).

I liked Kal Penn's character and am sad to see him go. Hopefully, the show itself can get its act together and get away from the flirty storylines and back to the serious science and medicine that has always been the hook for me.

giggles said...

I've watched HOUSE intermittently... it's good....but I can't stand that I'm watching a show about such a heartless guy....practically a sociopath... (I know he's not...but...)

That's it!! thegrandson is allergic to COLD!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely keep him out of it!!!!!!!!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I like House when I catch it - which is rare, since I almost never watch TV. I would love to catch up on all the shows from the beginning until now, though.

J Ho said...

It had to be an abrupt ending to his tenure at House. Last night, before I found out about his new job, I figured he asked for more money and the producers said, "see ya. All we need is Hugh."

They had to have been on winter break when it went down. He didn't appear on the show. All you saw was a person's legs. Good luck Kumar! Get those Asians to vote next election!

slyght said...

damn you! you are supposed to say "spoiler" in the title. i'm halfway across the globe, you know? i have to wait for someone to to record it, then transcode it, and upload it for me to illegally download it!. JEEZ!

JHo's fired too!

themom said...

To All: I'm surprised (not really) that everyone is not as addicted as I. But then I stated "I have no life."

Slyght (theson): So sorry I didn't warn you ahead of time. thought about it - then forgot! Brain damage you know!!!

rennratt said...

Chachi and I were screaming at the tv when we realized what was happening. I think that C was more upset than I was!

I am convinced that it will be a "Bobby/JR Ewing" situation. Don't you remember the end of LAST week's episode? House was in the elevator, and his vision blurred as the doors closed.

The conspiracy theorist in me is convinced that House is in a coma, and the end of the season is all part of it...including the suicide. That way, KP can return if he chooses, perhaps as a side character.

All that in spite of the link where KP stated that he wants to balance his creative and political sides...