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Monday, April 20, 2009

WOW! ANOTHER AWARD...so humbling...

Lemmy over at ALPHAVILLE has passed on an award. I LOVE awards, even though I am the lowliest blogger around. There are so many, so much better...but I am proud as a peacock to get this award.

These are the rules:
Then the instructions for the 'chosen ones' ;
1.You must brag about the award
2.You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger
3.You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. 4.Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog.
5.List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself.
Then pass it on with the instructions!

Now I have to contribute TEN (10) things about me....let me see here:

1. I may have OCD, but have never been diagnosed as such.
2. I finished 2 1/2 years of nurse's training (way back when), but quit after a religion vs. nursing argument. (A real blow-up actually).
3. If I set a goal - I accomplish that goal. (99 44/100ths of the time.)
4. Forty years ago, I was one helluva tennis player. I had played on various leagues for many years.
5. I cannot fall asleep without watching TV or reading. I admire those that just fall asleep as soon as they hit the pillow.
6. I loved my lying, cheating, bastard of a husband till the day he died. (Call me nuts.)
7. I have one eye with a massive brown "puddle". My eyes are blue - and I'm a mutant.
8. I have a short Irish fuse.
9. I am hooked on my internet - betcha' didn't know that!
10. I am an avid POGO games player. Have more badges and points than I can count.

Now that all that boring trivia is out, I nominate the following to give us some insight into their lives:

Mnmom - Happy to Be From Iowa
Lisa - Mommy's Nest
Mauigirl's Meanderings
John - John abuzz
Ron - The Warped Mind of Ron
giggles - Wits and Wiggles


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I have a short fuse too. Must be the Irish genes mixed with being a Taurus. :-)

giggles said...

Oh my...thank you so very much..... Will you diss me if I don't chain-blog 7 others??!!

Utah Savage said...

Very nicely done. I love this award as it has come to us from Uganda. By way of an 18 year old female poet.

Mauigirl said...

I am honored to get this award! Thanks! I'll enjoy doing the 10 things and passing it on!

Liberality said...

Thank you so much! I love the way your eyes look, you have very striking eyes.

John said...

Congratulations on the well deserved award! I enjoyed reading the 10 things about you!

And thank you so much for passing it on to me! So many people won't pass it on, because they don't want to leave anyone out.

But I will be happy to accept the challenge...it may take a few days though. Thanks again!

Mnmom said...

I'll get to it later this weekend. Im SO honored!