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Friday, April 10, 2009


...by thegrandson. Unfortunately, since he was born (8 years ago), the child refused to eat any meat. Chicken was his "meat" of choice (albeit poultry). We have tried blackmail, disguising meat, you name it - we tried it. If nothing else, just to "try" different foods. But his stubbornness always won out - in the battle. Trying to get him to eat a plain hamburger, was like pulling teeth - BUT...I forgot to tell you, he loves meatballs. No matter what proof we showed him - he was not convinced that meatballs were actually made from hamburger.

The stars must have been aligned just right on Wednesday night....because he actually sat down and ate a hamburger - and fell in love with it. Go figure. There may have been a promise for something in return from his mother, but the point was made. Since that night he has been bragging to anyone who would listen of his accomplishment. Now, we may tackle a meat loaf!!!!

There are so many issues I want to spout off about - but I am totally exhausted. I'm pissed at Notre Dame and their attitude towards Obama as commencement speaker. Totally livid over Arizona State University - not even considering a doctorate for Obama. Their argument is quite lame at best - and if I had any input - I would advise Obama to tell ASU to "shove it!" Their actions and attitude are discriminatory at best.

Karl Rove is still the jackass of all time and Glen Beck is about two steps away from commitment. Other than that all may be well with the world.

The son has begun his R&R - taking a trip to Scotland this time. He just finished blogging about his R&R to Germany for Oktoberfest, so I will be expecting to read about the Scotland escapades -- around Labor Day!!!!

This is "crunch time" for me, so I may have some sporadic posts. I am reading every one's blogs - but have little time to comment, so please don't be mad at me.

I shall return tomorrow (hopefully) or....... later..............


Anonymous said...

My son never had a problem with burgers, or meat in general, but he too refused to believe the meatballs = meatloaf equation. What's up with that?

Utah Savage said...

And I'm trying to quit eating meat. Go figure. But if someone gave me two fat fresh lamb chops I'd be getting out the mint jelly. Or a little rack of lamb.

I'm pissed off about so many things, but doing other peoples taxes would flip my lid. Good luck with the crunch time.

Annette said...

I know what you are saying about ND and ASU... they are both idiots. Glad you had a breakthrough with the little one.

rennratt said...

I don't understand the drama with Obama speaking at ND. I know it's a Catholic university and all, but wasn't he asked to speak at Commencement?

Why would his views on abortion be such a big deal in that venue? Do they think he'd include it in the Commencement address?

That's just...WEIRD.

giggles said...

You're in the homestretch!! You're almost there!!

Theson has his own blog? (Call me stupid? Where do I go to find it? Would love to read about all his travels...!)

Debbie said...

Some of my kids are such picky eaters. Getting them to eat something can cause me to do the happy dance!

Lisa said...

Getting enough protein into my kids is such a challenge. I don't think I'd have the patience to be a vegetarian parent.

I'm glad that you're wrapping up tax season. Drink?

Chickie said...

Good for thegrandson for trying AND liking it this time around!

Now, he is ready to enjoy McDonald's properly!

Distributorcap said...

i love burgers and that kitten!

Michael said...

My Mom tells me I was exactly the same way with hot dogs-wanted nothing to do with them for years and years, and then suddenly loved them. Still do, in fact.