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Monday, April 20, 2009


Now, I read this report, and I feel we may be going the way of "Soylent Green." ALL obese people will be banned or burned, but removed from society to stave off global warming.

Hell, I'm all for saving the planet, and going green - but now I AM a liability to your future in this eco-system. Will the "fat police" be coming to my door, to haul me off to a fat farm or even worse...an incinerator?

This report basically says that because one is obese, more fuel is needed to be expended to transport the individual. Now, that makes sense to me - in a way. Just two years ago, my best friend and I were flying to Florida (or home - I forget), and we always got our seats together on the flights. The "flight attendant" tapped me on the shoulder and said they would like me to move to another area of the plane (and I would be compensated), but they needed to "distribute the weight" better for the flight. After I collected my jaw off the floor, I moved. Please note - I may be overweight - but morbidly obese I am not. I do believe it was the same trip, I was pulled out of the security line for a separate "pat down" because I had a hoodie on, and I looked "bulky." My friend had a field day with that moniker. Had I been able to remove the hoodie (I had only a bra underneath), this humiliation could have been avoided.

I'm all for monies being spent on volcano monitoring and such, but how much my fat ass costs in fuel and carbon emissions just doesn't set well.

I GAVE UP SEX!!!!! Save a life today, is my motto.

...bunjee jumping was definitely out of the question too!

So, at this point, I just want to thank those for this insidious research/report! I am now more depressed than ever...and may have to rethink any travel in the future!!

Harumphhhhhh!!! Later..............


Mommy Lisa said...

skinny people who live in the cold climates of Minnesota and such have to turn up the heat; ergo they are worse than us chubbo's!

This stuff ticks me off too!

Lemmy Caution said...

Tag, you are it.

Click here now!

Nan said...

Well, depending on the aircraft and how full the flight is it's not at all unusual to ask passengers to move for "weight and balance." It's not necessarily a critique of any one particular passenger's size. I flew on a puddle jumper (think it had a capacity of about 2 dozen passengers) out of Minneapolis last year that was only half full and the flight attendant moved people around so people would be spread out pretty evenly through the cabin.

Anonymous said...

When they start to tax people that are overweight is when you need to worry. I have many vices, and since they tax them so highly (sin tax) I can hardly afford to eat. Yes, thats me, the drunk smoker....

rennratt said...

Articles like that make me want to add carbon to my carbon footprint.

Also - that bungee jumping picture is one of the most disgusting things I have seen in a while.

Thanks! (Horrified laughter was needed!)

Christy said...

this made me laugh out loud! i never heard that airplane story! you crack me up

Mauigirl said...

That is really annoying! I agree, there are some things that are taken too far!

Lisa said...

Well now I'm REALLY regretting that Oreo supper I had.