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Monday, April 20, 2009


I honestly have not watched one of these pageant shows in quite awhile. But since there was little else to choose on the boob tube last night, I started watching this idiotic parade of fluff minded women.

I was impressed that Miss West Virginia made it as far as the Top 10 - as WV hasn't been all that lucky in past years.

After the final 5 were announced, they were asked the most mundane idiotic questions imaginable. Thedaughter and I looked at each other, wondering why these questions had no substance. We soon realized those were just teaser questions, and the next round would be some serious questions posed by the various judges.

Whether one likes Perez Hilton or not, his question was a valid one. If you missed it - here we go:

You can see Perez shaking his head at this answer, which truly was NO answer at all. True to pageant "key words", she managed to twist everything around. What's with "in MY country?" And then she adds "opposite marriage". What a bimbo. Do pageant officials tell these girls - you are not allowed to have any liberal or progressive thoughts - least to verbalize them to the world? I managed to scream a few expletives - and start a "please don't let the moron win" dance.

Here is Perez Hilton's response:

So now we at least have the satisfaction that the "dumb bitch" didn't win, unfortunately she did garner 1st place - UGH!!!

The happiest day for me will be when all 50 states decide to allow gay marriages, and the benefits shared by hetero couples.


Mommy Lisa said...

Wow - the comments of some people who agree with her on the YouTube video!


Annette said...

I sometimes think people do that, comment I mean just to inflame.. I don't believe that was a serious answer.. she thought that was what people wanted to hear.. it was a stupid answer and a wrong answer. Whoever advised her told her wrong...

Utah Savage said...

My I suggest Breaking Bad on Sunday night? I think it's on AMC. I tape it. Best new show of the past two years. If you want you can probably rent first season.

Pageants will rot yur brains out,

Kulkuri said...

Do you think maybe she wasn't picked for her intelligence?? Reminds me of the one on the Miss America pageant whose answer was gibberish.

Nan said...

Perez nailed it -- she could have chosen an intelligent answer that wouldn't have pissed off anyone, put in context nationally, and looked like an adult. Instead she went for trotting out her personal prejudices and making it all about her.

I swear if I see one more dumb ass comment on You Tube or MSN or CNN about the Constitution saying the US is a Christian nation and Christianity is our national religion and we've got to do what Jebus said or the evil Socialists will win I may vomit.