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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I was very upset when I first saw the little bits and pieces of this video, that was aired over various news outlets last week. I honestly don't care that this man (the victim) is an NFL player...this was just a bigoted cop trying out his "God" persona.

Knowing the local cops quite well - they have all had me pop off at them quite a few times, basically because of their idiotic "better than thou" attitudes. Face it, give these people a gun and a badge and their behavior changes 1000%. I have had my finger in their faces at times, as if it is my job to remind them they put their pants on one leg at a time and THIS is just their JOB. I have seen how they react when local politics seem to go against them, i.e. raises, benefits, etc. They then take out their frustrations on the public. If they make justifiable decisions, I am behind them - but when they get cocky and pop off - they all know they will hear from me. Most graduated high school, police academy (6 months) and then on the street. No psychology classes or socialization classes. Here's your badge and gun - go get 'em! I may honestly end up in jail someday by one of these little upstarts because of my mouth! Whatever!!

In this case, this cop appeared to be just a blow-hard. Officer Robert Powell, apologized to the victims via the news media, but not personally in a face to face - heartfelt manner. Tony Moats has accepted that apology, for which I give the man credit, considering the moment cannot be relived which was stolen from him.

The good news is...today Officer Robert Powell has RESIGNED from the Dallas Police department. I personally feel this was the best decision possible. It is too late at this point, for his superiors to suggest sensitivity training. The damage was done. I have posted the full dashcam video as opposed to the snippets seen on the news.



These last two weeks of tax season are crazy. So I may miss a day here and there, so don't panic (I know you won't). Thegrandsons baseball practices started yesterday, and with thedaughters work schedule...I'm the one who has to get him to the field and wait for the 1 - 2 hours of practice. There will definitely be more updates onto Facebook, just to pass my time.

Have a great day and I will return....later...............


Nan said...

The bad news is he's probably going to end up still working as a cop, and with no change in his attitude. There are a lot of towns in Texas that'll be happy to hire him.

Scandalous Housewife said...

This went down in my Scandalous Suburb, just a few miles from my house. Bastard cop! How sad that the dying woman had called them and was holding on to her last breath to say goodbye.
He's getting slammed daily by the local news media, deservingly.

Chickie said...

When I heard about this and saw the videos it made my blood boil. Prick.