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Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have no room to complain about the end of an era for Pontiac, as I was a wee tad upset when it was announced that Oldsmobile would be a thing of the past.

My two favorite cars (owned) were a 1966 Pontiac Bonneville convertible, and a 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. See below:

I had some good times "cruising" around in this convertible (yes, mine was yellow), and my friends were always ready to go when I called. Black leather interior, lovely 8 track tape player (how's that for a memory?), to me it was top of the line. I would hate for winter to come and have to keep the top closed. Although I worked to pay for this car, and I was living at home, the mean parents made me give it to my brother. Was I compensated for my investment - no frigging way! That was just one of many absurdities I had to endure while living under "their" roof.

Although there were several cars between these two...the '96 Olds Cutlass Supreme was my ultimate favorite. It drove well, minimal maintenance, and the most mileage I put on the car was travelling between home and Case Western Reserve University - to see my son, while in college. I believe initially, I drove up every weekend, then twice a month till I bought him a used car in his junior year. As much as I loved that car, I loved my son more...and on graduation day, I gave him the keys to this car, and I drove his used vehicle after that. He was off to a new job with a major corporation, and I wanted to give him a nice ride.

At this strategic time in the auto industry, eliminating various makes or models appears to be a sane move. As far as I can see, the market is flooded with new vehicles at this time - with very few individuals in the market to buy. I'm sorry that these auto workers will be furloughed, but such is the world today.

I'm still doing a bit of moving furniture and taking breaks, because it is so damn hot. So I watch a little CNN...move another piece of furniture. The breaking news appears to be an outbreak of swine flu - with "pandemic" thrown into the mix. Now I have something else to be afraid of - if something is "going around" - it always stops here.

Theson just drunk dialed me (from Egypt) not once, but twice. Ya gotta love him. I spoke with his friend Neil who is from York (U.K.) and has invited me to visit him anytime, and then theson called back, because the bartender wanted to speak to me. I'm loved all over the world, what can I say. I love talking to him (theson) drunk or sober, because I have not seen him now since he returned to Alexandria the beginning of January. Thankfully, we have our blogs and Skype to keep in touch.

Back to work for now, so kick back and enjoy the day....later...............


Annette said...

It is sad about the old cars leaving.. but better to lose some of these like this than to lose them all.. Hopefully they can do this and hold off bankruptcy.. maybe they will bring them back in a few years if they can get healthy again.

Utah Savage said...

The only american car I ever owned was a Ford Gran Torino. I wrote a story in which this car is mentioned. Then was shocked when the movie Gran Torino came out as probably Eastwood's last Dirty Harry bastid.

Chickie said...

My favorite car was my first one - a Cutlass Ciera (1987, I think). White with maroon interior. I kept it super clean with potpourri in the ashtray and under the carpets. Loved it!

Mathman6293 said...

Speaking of Drunk Dialing they're difficult to remember but I recall drunk dialing an old girlfriend once and speaking to her mom. Not so pleasant.

My high school '79 Cutlasses on the driving range. So I learned to drive in one. Always thought that was cool.

Mathman6293 said...

I almost forgot. My friend, who was the driver in our crowd, had 1963 Bonneville. Those were the days.

Kulkuri said...

Did you mean 1966 Pontiac Bonneville??

My first car was a '51 Chevy that I bought from my brother. I spent more time repairing it than I did driving it. The Kid had an '87 Olds Delta 88 that got better gas mileage than smaller cars do today. She would still be driving it but it rusted out and became unsafe to drive.
I have a '65 Barracuda that I need to restore so I can cruise around to car shows.

themom said...

Kulkuri: Sometimes my brain goes faster than my fingers. I corrected that mistake. It was definitely a Pontiac Bonneville. I had Olds on my mind. DUH!! Brain damaged.