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Thursday, April 09, 2009


I'm sure just about every reader, has heard about the shooting of three police officers in Pittsburgh, PA, last Saturday. One of thedaughters former classmates is married to a Pittsburgh policeman, and of course, we were at first worried for his safety. Now, looking back, I see that is selfish in a way. Our concerns should have been for ALL police officers involved. Sadly, one 22 year old demented, racist, white supremacist wannabe...deliberately massacred these young men. Husbands, fathers and sons all. Condemn me if you will, the shooter is in an "undisclosed" hospital recuperating from a minor gunshot wound - only to be tried at the taxpayers expense and probably supported for the remainder of his life by again, the taxpayers. I would have preferred that the outcome that day was quite different, but no - he survived.

I have been watching the funeral services for these three officers for the past 4 hours. The turnout is unbelievable. Over 1100+ police vehicles from all over the country not to mention policemen from Canada, Texas, Florida - I think almost every state in the union is represented. **In the picture above, the first 3 officers from the left were killed. The other two gentlemen were injured in the shooting.

Considering the loss of the four police officers in Oakland, California recently, and the multiple family shootings across the country - ALL were senseless and needless deaths. In some cases the shooters were killed or committed suicide - a just end I say for such cowardly acts.

Last weekend, we had a tragedy in our town, that I feel could have been avoided in some way also. An elderly 82 year old couple, left their home in Bridgeport, WV heading to see relatives in Kent, OH. They were stopped on Ohio State Rt. 7 - TWICE, by two separate departments, for going too slow on the highway. Both times they were sent merrily on their way. Not one of these officers had a clue that both the husband and wife suffered from Alzheimer's.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning (approx. 2:30am), this elderly gentleman got off the highway and somehow ended up behind our local ball fields, and got stuck in the mud. He wasn't oriented enough to realize he was on a dirt road, with massive amounts of heavy equipment, and still managed to take a road back and behind these ball fields in search of direction. After sitting in their car for many hours, the man decided to walk for help - he was found at 10:30 am, in the mud and barely alive. He was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctors were unable to save his life. His wife was found still in the car, but considerably confused.

Why didn't a family member try to stop this couple from taking such a journey? Did they even have concerned family members? Why didn't the cops see some problem in their speech or orientation? Too many unanswered questions - which makes these deaths - All of them - senseless.

Excuse my maudlin mood, it all has just gotten to me. Take care and I will return.....later..........


Mnmom said...

I think police officers don't hear THANK YOU enough. THANK YOU to all of them for putting themselves and their very lives on the line every single day for pennies. Some of them are jerks, but a lot of them are really decent men.

I agree with Eddie Izzard - "guns don't kill people, people kill people . . . but the gun helps!"

Annette said...

I know what you are saying.. I deal with it with my uncle.. He is 83 and is wanting to go to Florida to see his sons.. we finally convinced one of them they had to come up and drive down with him. They were actually going to let him drive from here in MO to Daytona by himself. He gets lost walking out the door some days... but they aren't here so they don't see it.. thank goodness they changed their minds finally.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I personally believe that those caught red handed for murder, where there are witnesses of the event, should just walk directly to the chair and save a lot of time and money. I get sick of hearing about confessed murderers living fifty years on death row getting health benefits and all that before carrying out the sentence.

Nan said...

When the deterioration is gradual it can be hard for family members to recognize it. IMHO there's also a fair amount of denial because if the adult children admitted to themselves there was something wrong with their aging parents then those adult children would be forced to do something about it.

rennratt said...

If the roles were reversed and a police officer shot an 'alleged suspect', the status/location of the officer would be public knowledge.

It all just makes me sick.