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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


OK many of you may have seen this already, but this is a full clip of one woman's attempt for fame on the British talent show.

As a rule, we are known for making "first impressions" and to see this woman walk out on stage, I was thinking much like everyone else, she may be a buffoon. I liked her attitude, but in my mind I had already presumed this was going to be a joke and she would be laughed off the stage.

To see the faces of those in the audience, we were on the same page. but when she began singing...I had goosebumps and by the end I was crying. I have watched this clip at least four times now...and I still cry each time. What a beautiful lilting voice this woman has. Close your eyes and just listen...listen.

No, she doesn't fit the stereotypical "Brittney" or modern singer you can think of. This is a 47 year old woman who has never been on a date, never been kissed, and probably stayed at home singing along to her records.

I know everyone will be wanting to give her the "new" makeover, but that is just topical. She is what she is. At 47, one does not change easily. I should hope that she can further her singing career in one way or another...she has a voice that needs to be heard.

I'm going to listen to her again...I'll be back....later.........

NOTE: Nan mentioned in a comment that this woman put her life on hold to care for an invalid mother, which makes so much sense. My late twin sister, was bogged down with the care of our evil adoptive mother, who tore down any self-esteem my sister may have had. But one thing she could never dampen - was her beautiful singing voice. When I hear this woman sing, I hear my sister - and I hope for so much for this woman, who can finally live HER life.


Lemmy Caution said...

Yeah, saw this a couple of days ago.....and the lady sure does have some awesome pipes.

I just wish the jackass television program didn't feel the need to edit all over the place. JUST LET US SEE HER SING. No, they have to cut away to judges, crowd, announcers, backstage, etc. etc. Awful presentation of a nice television moment.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

This is a neat clip. With a new hair cut and some make up, I bet she's very pretty.

John said...

I saw a clip of that on ABC News last night and loved it. Thanks for posting it! I was hoping to hear her sing the whole song, so thank you!

Proof that you should never judge a book by it's cover. Susan sings like an angel. I listened twice already!

BTW, please stop by my blog. I have tagged you for an award.

Nan said...

Saw a news article that said she basically put her life on hold over 20 years ago to care for her invalid mother.

themom said...

Lemmy: Normally I don't like the "panning" of the audience and all, but this woman was so impressive, plus shooting down on al the "first impressions", it worked well.

ETW: Yes, something has to be done with the eyebrows, but she honestly doesn't need extreme changes.

John: I'll be over. Thanks.

Nan: Thanks for the info...it made me add a little more to the post.

Annette said...

She certainly set them on their ear..lol What a voice.

Chickie said...

I finally watched this a couple of nights ago and watched it four times in a row. Just long enough to get me teary-eyed. Amazing.

slyght said...

i admit, i got goosebumps, and when i was in edinburgh, i believe i saw on the newsrags that she did indeed get a makeover.