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Saturday, April 04, 2009

EXCELLENT MOVIE....I recommend this.....

Having worked ALL day on returns, thedaughter rented this movie and we decided to make it a movie night. Since this movie was released, thedaughter has been trying to figure out the premise of this film. Her guesswork paid off tonight and she is gloating like a rooster - after all the tears were wiped away.

Theson blogged about this film after he viewed it, and mentioned a few tears on his part also. Will Smith tackles this role with all his dramatic abilities. I won't give the plot away - so that makes it very hard to really tell you WHY you should take the time to see this film. Trust me - you will love the entire movie.

The weather here is about to take a major change. Our local forecasters are calling for a blanket of snow late tomorrow night into early Monday morning. Mother Nature is shaking her finger at us again - but she won't make me put my sandals away. I will suffer the frostbite I may incur...but I will keep my toes exposed. I am not one who goes barefoot, but I detest shoes. So my answer is sandals - and crap, I have probably 30 pair or more - must wear sandals!

I guess I will head to bed now, I'm pooped. I'll definitely return tomorrow. Night...night!


1 comment:

The Immortal Woman said...

I hate shoes, my toes must be able to breathe!

I wanted to see this but I cannot take sad.