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Monday, March 30, 2009


This morning started, just as any typical morning. Wake up, scratch ass, grab a cigarette and head to the bathroom, finish there and proceed to computer to see what cataclysmic event may have happened during a fitful sleep.

Egads...an email from theson in Egypt and he has major issues - begging me to look for an important article - adding it may be in this spot or possibly in his room...which all sets my heart racing. Now, don't ask me why I let little things like that bother me...BUT I DO!! If this "issue" cannot be rectified - it could cost him major $$$, and as a mother - I want to do ALL I can to ensure things and life move smoothly.

One thing I avoid, is going upstairs (the netherworld) for any reason. My adult children and one grandson are the proud denizens of that universe. BUT...I am now forced into going UPSTAIRS...blood pressure raising...potential nosebleed coming...to forage through the MESSIEST room I have ever seen. (I take that back, I remember cleaning thedaughters room once when she moved out!) I now take a mental note, that after tax season, theson's room is on the list to be cleaned, along with the basement and pretty much the ENTIRE house.

I move and toss quite a few articles, and cannot find this specific item...but I did find a receipt with appropriate numbers (my great sleuthing abilities), and can now MAKE THIS PROBLEM GO AWAY!! Yippee....Mommy to the rescue and I won!

I then have to DESCEND the stairway back to computer world...which brings me to the reason I hate stairs. My legs and hips (arthritis) just abhor being stressed on steps. Silly me, one foot after the other and before you know it - at the bottom. Cool!

After many more IM's, I believe theson may have had the onus of possible penalties off his mind, and I then completed another chore for him to purchase a product online. All in a mornings work - for a MOM! It's definitely a good thing that I love these critters so much - or they would not know what to do.

Since I have a NEW chore added to my days list (mail the sons form), I cancelled my tanning - because I was now running very late. Oh well, I guess new cancer cells can wait till tomorrow.

I have been trying to get this posted for the past 3 hours...but oh no, clients calling and still dropping off information. Crapola...I have made an executive decision - the rest of the day is MINE - no tax work at all. I will clean the bathroom, since I asked thedaughter to do it this morning (right?!?!) Then decide what I will add to my salad for dinner that is new and calorie free. The decisions are killing me today.

I'm outta here before something else happens.....later............


Annette said...

Yes, we do what we have to for our kids...or grands.. that's just the facts...lol I know what you mean there.

Glad you found what you were looking for and could get it off to theson as he needed.

Enjoy your day.. Talk later.

Utah Savage said...

All I can say is you are a hell of a generous MOM. I am way too lazy to be a MOM. I'm put out that I will have to go out into the world Wednesday. I missed my Movie Matinee date's birthday. Now I owe him lunch and a movie. Curses. The things I will do to have just one male friend.

giggles said...

Yep, Mondays kinda suck.

giggles said...

PS... But god bless life-saving moms!!!!

Meme is done, but I broke the rules....it wasn't all that long ago that Utah tagged me.... Thanks though, I had fun and you just may know a bit more about me!

rennratt said...

I hope that the rest of your day was wonderful - and stress free.

Make sure to take an extra 1-2 minutes in the booth for me tomorrow, and enjoy the warmth!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for the ass scratching update.