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Sunday, December 14, 2008

WTF!!! And this was Breaking News at.........

eleven o'clock last night. According to the article, this fire happened late Friday evening. Either someone was asleep at the wheel at CNN, AP, UPI, Fox and all the other blathering idiotic news agencies, or they considered this NON-newsworthy. I suspect the latter.

This is the church - which looks more like a warehouse - that Sarah Palin attended in Wasilla, AK. The now infamous site of the "witch doctor blessing!" According to sources in Wasilla - this apparently is a suspected act of arson. I guess someone was really pissed.

Palin released a statement after this inferno as follows, offering an apology:
"if the incident is in any way connected to the undeserved negative attention the church has received since she became a vice presidential candidate."

Many moons ago, I was a secretary at an ultra modern (architecturally) church, and we came into the office on a Monday, to discover that late on Sunday, the church was broken into, totally trashed, and someone had left their own personal donation in the pulpit (excrement). I found this totally senseless. The culprits were found, all teenagers, and were given something like community service. Churches, no matter what denomination, are still sacrosanct - and should be respected as such.

I am an agnostic, but have no problem with age-old religions and newer off-the-wall sects. I feel you leave me alone and I will do the same. Some parishioners in various houses of worship consider these "buildings" their homes and should be treated as such. So if this were an act of arson - against Palin (which I doubt), the punishment should fit the crime.

I think what gets under my skin is that Palin - again turns this story to HER. She was eagerly wanting to start attacks on Rev. Jeremiah Wright vs. Obama...but was reined in by the McCain powers. There is no doubt that Rev. Wright is a whack-job, but what can I say about Palin's witch doctor..."hey, he's like the guy next door??" I don't think so.

OK - collect your million dollars of insurance and build a bigger and better site for the visiting witch doctor. Enough already.

I have to get dressed (yes, real clothes) and head to the dollar store (dog & cat food) and go Krogering for "cookie stuff." I think I am going to make my pumpkin cookies today and a Holiday White Chocolate Chex Mix. I will be muti-tasking as I bake and watch NFL football. Great games today. Steelers have to kick Baltimore's ass - for sure!! So, I may take some candid shots of the mess I will have while baking. My work space is so limited, it becomes rather crazy in this kitchen.



Dave said...

Steelers will indeed kick butt today!
Enjoy the cookies and the baking.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's just wrong about Palin's church. I may not agree with her on nearly anything, but this is just wrong.

Have fun in the kitchen!

Mnmom said...

I hate vandalism of all sorts. It's just a big ole temper tantrum that someone's Mom has to clean up. Arson is the worst kind, because it can kill someone.

I'm making spritz cookies today and watching NFL too - I'll be thinking of you!