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Monday, December 22, 2008

There is just NO Way......

Theson should be home sometime tomorrow, since he is driving from Colorado, and I truly have no clue what time that may be. I was depending on his help in getting ready for "the Holiday", and that has been shot to hell and back. He honestly wants to continue our annual pilgrimage to South Hills Mall in Pittsburgh, which is an hours drive from here, on Christmas Eve Day. The only way this is happening is for us to get up quite early and get our asses on the road - shop like crazy demons and head back home as quickly as possible. I have tried to explain that I still have to get food prepared to take to theDonald's for dinner, we will have to wrap the purchases and pencilling in my breakdown is really pushing the envelope.

Believe it or not...we will do this. He is young and doesn't worry about a thing (just like his sperm pop), which totally drives me bonkers. All you women out there understand I am sure. It is our onus to be the worriers of the world. I often refer to myself as "Mom of Arc!" This goes over like a lead ballon - no lie! But I like to lay on some guilt every once in awhile. Sometimes it works - and then again - sometimes not.

The chaos will begin tomorrow. Theson will pay dearly for this, as tomorrow is his birthday, and he will just have to wait for any celebration, till after Christmas.

All rightey then...thegrandson and I are now going to make some gingerbread men. Again with the "M of A" thingy! Have a good evening and I am sure I will return.

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