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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Corrupt Governor??? Well, I never......

Gov. Rob Blagojevich, with such a baby-face...could possibly be charged with corruption, kinda grabs you doesn't it?

There have been wire-taps on this jerk off and on since 2004...and yesterday he had the audacity, while speaking at the window factory where employees are staging a sit-in, stated that anyone is more than welcome to tape him. He also stated that everything he says is always "lawful." Uhhh...Mr. B...after listening to the F.B.I. and Federal attorneys during their press conference, you may have just told a whopper of a LIE.

Listening to all this information, the statements he has made and were recorded, he has seemed to obsess on obtaining jobs for his wife, money for his pocket, and conditions on every deal imaginable. This guy sounds like a real fukktard.

And attempting to SELL Obama's Senate seat (and if not enough $$) but leaving the door open for him to take the Senate seat himself. His statements alluded to the fact that, he would rather be charged as a Senator, which would leave the door open for some lucrative deals afterwards. I have to say, this guy just may be brain damaged.

Also, according to the U.S. Attorney in charge, Blagojevich is STILL the Governor and can possibly still make that Senate seat appointment. Now, come on...surely, there is a way in the Illinois laws, to impeach or circumvent his powers at the moment.

And WTF is with all that hair???? I am holding on to my last few hairs and he has been blessed with that pompadour thing! There is no justice.

Oh, lest I forget, apparently there is a connection to "Tony" Reszko in all this craziness. Remember, the corrupt real estate developer whom McC/Palin tried to make another one of their lackluster connections to Obama.

Well, this could be interesting as more information surfaces, I know I will be chuckling right along...as Gov. B DENIES everything. Ya gotta love wiretaps.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not only is he corrupt, he's just plum stupid, too. What an embarrassment!