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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What a boring, dull day....

after accomplishing very little, trying to even take a nap or find a comfortable position has been really tough. So boring is the result.

Well, I fear Georgia has the asshole Repuke Chambliss back in office. Sorry DCup, I know you tried. Sooner or later, people will remember and take to heart what happens when you elect a bald face liar. I guess we all have our share of that type of politician. I should hope we are starting a new era.

I have to honestly get motivated to Christmas shop. I have ordered a few things online, but have to trudge out amongst the scary people and physically purchase some items. And of course there are these nasty people who have December birthdays, I have to deal with - I am kidding on that one...my son's birthday is the 23rd!!! short story there - he was actually due on Christmas Day, and my obstetrician and I were friends - and he insisted my baby would be born on the 23rd, because that was HIS birthday. Now I swore up and down I would duct tape my legs together before I would have my baby on his birthday. Shockingly, when he was called at 1 am, and told I was in labor, the nurse asked me why would my doctor laugh so hard after the call. DUH!?! I honestly tried NOT to have him on that day, but some things are just beyond our control. I was the only new mother on the OB floor, and my doctor sent all kinds of food and champagne - and said I could go home early for Christmas if I wanted. I said hell no, keep the food coming, my ass hurts!!! I already had my Christmas present. And 31 years later - he is still the best Christmas present ever.

Tomorrow, the temps are supposed to get close to 50*, so I am hopefully, going to finish the outdoor lighting. Like "Mommy's Nest", I may try to do a quickie video of the decorations when completed. The lights around the eaves are up and I have to hang the lights on the banisters, connect to the small trees and then the lighted garland around the door. If I had to undergo an electrical inspection, I warn you now, IT WOULD FAIL!!! It all looks like an extension cord nightmare. Oh but it looks great at night. I may have to consider a sprinkler system at some point, but hell, like Scarlett O'Hara said, "tomorrow's another day." I usually light the back deck, but am foregoing that this year - haha - think I'll save on the electric.

I have been waiting for theson to send me his itinerary, as to what time his flight gets in - he had told me it was on the 20th. I Skyped him this evening, and his plans have changed. He is flying into Colorado and driving back to Ohio with an old friend, who's mother lives up the street. So now, he is flying in on the 19th and with the 24 hour drive facing them...I have no clue in hell when he will get here. I will be on pins and needles. That's a "mother thing!"

Tomorrow is the Santa Sale for the school children. When my kids were small it was called a Pixie Sale..but nevertheless, this is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to complete their personal Christmas shopping. Thegrandson was so tickled to see us open HIS presents last year - I can't think of a happier moment in his young life. The accomplishment of choosing, and making the decision all on his own, and the happy payoff in the end.

Well, it's late, I'm tired and cold, so it must be time to snuggle under the warm comforter!! Have a good one.



slyght said...

whenever it is i get back, we'll go shopping at south hills on the 21st or 22nd. you can save a lot for there, i'll get you a wheelchair. i was thinking maybe we could rent a segway somewhere, but i was concerned about you riding a horse in egypt so technology PLUS mobility is definitely out of the question. i'll have loads of shopping to do at SH. can't wait to see the decorations, i'm excited. love ya.

Chickie said...

The Santa Sale....I loved getting gifts from that. Now that the boys are in middle school they don't have that anymore. I still have all of my presents from those shopping trips!

Anonymous said...

Boooo! to my fellow Georgians for re-electing Chambliss.

I hope you have a better day today. I can understand not wanting to go out in the cold to shop.