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Sunday, December 07, 2008

I'm am NOT a snow person...anymore!!

Yesterday, thegrandson had a 1:30pm appointment to have his Christmas pictures taken at Sears Portrait Studio at the Ohio Valley Mall. Essentially, ever since this mall was built in 1975 - I have hated going there. The floors are not amenable to walking for long periods...and the track record of one store remaining there for a long period of time is next to nil (other than anchor stores). Even the anchor stores are in jeopardy now, with the economy in the toilet.

Anyway, there were just light snow fluffies when we left home at 1 pm. Considering this "portrait" studio hires seasonal workers - not really what I would call professional photographers - they couldn't keep to a schedule if their lives were at stake. There had to be at least 8 other children in a waiting area the size of a playpen, each cantankerous and bitchy..wanting this and that...whining and farting...just the kind of crowd I want to be around.

The snow "fluffies" I alluded to earlier have now turned into giant snow balls and are building up on the parking surface, just outside the door. My heart is sinking, as we drove my car to the mall, and my two front tires are BALD! To be frank, I just have not been able to afford $400 for 2 tires. The price of tires went through the roof when oil prices burgeoned - and as oil has now fallen to pre-2007 levels, the cost of tires HAS NOT dropped.

Thegrandson finally began the photography session at 2:00pm, and I just wanted it to go quickly, so we could get the hell out of there and off the damn hill - and back to the safety of home. (The mall is in St. Clairsville, OH - 10 miles from home.)

I told thedaughter to drive us home, as my nerves were shot (just from worrying), which was stupid, as she has a track record of hitting things in the snow. But luck was on our side, and we crept home, past one car accident...and once we were down off this hill, the roads were not as bad. It's times like this that I miss my 4 wheel drive.

This is a picture of the traffic tie-up, coming from the new Highlands shopping area, outside of Wheeling, WV. There is a Cabelas, Target, Bed,Bath and Beyond, WalMart and 30 other stores now in this plaza. It took the average driver 2 - 2 1/2 hours to get from the Highlands down two mile hill (I-70)to Wheeling last night, because of the wrecks and lack of salt for the highways.

I had been planning a "surprise" birthday dinner for theRuss (Dec. 1) and Toni (Dec. 8), all week - never even thinking about undesirable weather conditions. At the last minute, I realized using my car was out of the question, so I had to make calls and change all those prior arrangements. The snow had continued all afternoon, with weather alerts for treacherous driving conditions, which makes my heart skip a beat. In order to change all prior plans, I had to tell Toni that it was actually a birthday dinner for her and Russ, but Russ was still out of the loop. No problem there.

Since my best friend, Mom2 - Jean passed away, I try to include Russ in everything - since he has been lost since she passed away. Needless to say - I managed to totally surprise him with the dinner and presents. Conversation had to be rather good, because I forgot I had brought my camera till dinner was over. I had thedaughter take this picture - not the most flattering, but we are friends anyway!

Thegrandson told TheRuss, "Happy Birthday Uncle Russ! My Nina told me to tell you that!" Such a wonderful child!

Hopefully, I can get all my Santa's up today and the inside will be done - as much as I am going to do. Thedaughter is off again - so I need her help. But here are the outisde decorations.
Thegrandson loves his reindeer!!!
After dark - GREAT!
This was just at dusk!

So much for now...it is bitter cold again - and I'm going to make breakfast - or brunch for the little one...finish decorating before the Steeler game at 4:15pm! Steelers will be beating the Dallas Cowboys on their home turf - after watching them overwhelm the Patriots - I could not be happier.

Have a good one, kick back and enjoy the last of the weekend. Remember, 67 years ago today - Pearl Harbor.


Kulkuri said...

The first snow that covers the roads is always bad. It is very slippery and most people don't slow down enough and some of those with SUV's think the laws of pyhsics don't apply to them in their SUV.
Back when we had a house, I just did lights on the porch railing with a timer and called it good. If we had lived there longer I probably would have had lights on the edge of the roof and added a little every year or so.

kenju said...

I hate when that happens, especially when you have plans and have to cancel them. People around here don't know how to drive in snow and ice, so we have 10 car pile-ups on every road.

You decorations look very nice! I love it lights.

Liberality said...

when I come visit you this twitter pop up comes on asking for my password. add me to your twitter please.

p.s. my hubby landed in the ditch yesterday and he was not amused.

themom said...

Liberality: I don't know what that Twitter thing is all about. I did add you and I'm following you now, we'll see if that helps.

Kenju: Thanks bunches.

Kulkuri: I am such a lights and candles person - probably reaching the stupid level.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Oh, I'm with you on the snow and such... it scares me to pieces. And we just did have new tires put on my van. Still, I'd rather not risk it. I love your decorations. We don't do any outside stuff (cause we're lazy).

Liberality said...

Sorry but you have been infected with a story virus.

Nan said...

You probably already know this, but if your car is front wheel drive, put the good tires on the front and the bald ones on the back.

Here in Atlanta they start warning drivers about "ice" if there's a hard frost overnight so I shudder to think what it must be like on those rare occasions when it does actually snow.

As for the economy, we went to one of the local malls Saturday afternoon. Several stores were having amazing sales, but the mall was not busy at all. I'm guessing retailers are hurting.

Mnmom said...

Sears Portrait Studio - in December - just typing that makes my short hair stand up!!

I love driving in snow. When treacherous driving conditions are reported, I get a "gentlemen, start your engines" feeling. Except white outs - those are scary as hell.

So good of you to include your widowed friend!! My Dad, bless his heart, took up every invitation after my Mom died. It kept him connected. But he died of a broken heart just months after her.

daughter2 said...

The house looks great!! Love ya!

Chickie said...

Hopefully, I can get all my Santa's up today... Am I the only person that had perverted thoughts when reading this?

Your house looks lovely!