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Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the FIRE SALE was a success????

I had read about the "fire sale" on all the McCain goodies, and actually thought, wouldn't it be neat to get a plasma TV for $100 or so??? Something along those lines at least. then further on, I had read that this "sale" was by e-mail invitation or notification. Reality then hit me - I WAS NEVER ON THE MCCAIN MAILING LIST!!!!

But read here, seems like some information was not deleted - now aren't we shocked about the ineptitude of some people???? Wonder if Palgal's new email address was in some of those blackberries??

I mentioned in my last post that Socks the cat, was adopted by the Clinton secretary, and my understanding was since Hillary went to the Senate and Bill would be travelling for his foundation, that is the reason for "giving" Socks away.

Jeez...we must have had 2" of white stuff last night, and I can't even say when this stuff fell, because I really wasn't paying attention. But hey...the Sun is shining. I'm ever so glad, because my timers for Christmas lights were beginning to think we lived in a perpetual DUSK!! (**They turn on at dusk for 6 hours.) My neighbor and I were talking yesterday about the lighting situation, because her lights would go on and off - and she thought she had a defective timer. No, it was just so dismally dark, the sensors were affected. Crazy isn't it?

Last year, I managed to get pictures of the horse drawn wagons, hired by the local Community Center, as it went down our street. But I just learned that with the weather turning bad, the owner decided not to bring the horses out today - for the promised wagon rides. There are a lot of pissed people right now. But shit happens.

Arrangements have been made for the neighbors to "chip in" on a meat and cheese tray for the new widow up the street. I honestly don't mean to sound so cold, but it is hard. Apparently, after making all the arrangements yesterday at the funeral home (btw, all poodles were listed by name in the obituary), she proceeded to have all 5 dogs GROOMED. Reality cannot set in fast enough for this woman, that that is an expense she cannot afford. Her concept of finances sucks to begin with, but as I said...her whole world revolves around her poodles. I think I will just pull the remaining hairs out of my head now...and be done with it!! Grrrr....I handle stupidity so very fukking well.

I tried to have thegrandson watch the Moon with me last night...it was at the closest to Earth since last time 15 years ago. It will be 2013 before it is this close again. Unfortunately, the clouds totally obscured our observance of such a large full moon - and we just about froze every digit off our bodies. But...I tried!

Hope you are all enjoying MY sunshine today. Have a great one. Later.............

1 comment:

Mnmom said...

The moon here was absolutely incredible!! On all our snow it looked like a Christmas card.

If you get that woman a meat and cheese tray, you know full well who's going to get it, and they aren't human.