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Monday, December 01, 2008

Should they be treated "with kid gloves?" I think not!

Everyone (who likes football) has read about Plaxico Burress and his "self-inflicted" gunshot over this past weekend, by now. For whatever idiotic reason, Burress was in a nightclub in NYC, when this incident happened. The police were notified, but no gun was found on his person or in the club - which had a fellow player as suspect for a short period.

Burress turned himself in to authorities, this morning, and plead not guilty, and it was mentioned that the Glock was found in his home. I found a video on another site, of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, stating that he wants Burress tried with "no special treatment", because NYC had passed a law to eliminate guns on the street. He also feels that Burress should have been setting an example, considering his high profile, and not as a gun-toting thug.

I was not a fan of Burress' when he played for Pittsburgh, so when he was traded - I was relieved. Relieved because I detest the cockiness these players present on and off the field. They have the demeanor that the team's are either great because of them or not doing so well, because they are not utilizing them properly. Chad Johnson is another arrogant ass. Hell, he doesn't even know how to say the number 85 in Spanish - rather "Ocho Cinco" serves his purpose.

Young boys watch football with their fathers and learn the game at an early age, and for the most part, everyone has a favorite team. Therefore, these players are thrust into the "role model" arena. (Remember the Charles Barkley comment regarding being a role model?) If you are familiar with the Pittsburgh Steelers, it has been a family owned team for over 75 years - they definitely do not have the highest paid players - but if you listen to them (the players) - they are a family. Heinz Ward has stated he will never leave the team - till he retires. The Rooney family has treated him well, the fans have treated him well and he appreciates and respects all these people.

But I digress a wee tad. I agree with Mayor Bloomberg on this issue - and Burress needs to face the music as if he were Joe Blow off the streets. This is a serious charge - he is facing a potential 15 year sentence. No tears being shed on this homefront.

The NFL has had its share of felons - Michael Vick being the most recent. Various articles have alluded to the fact that Vick is going to try and get back in the game when released from prison. I should certainly HOPE NOT. The man has no qualms about what he did - the animals that he killed and were subjected to cruel acts of torture. The feedback from NFL fans would be amazing...should Roger Goodell allow such a move. I don't care that he lost all his millions of dollars - he's a stupid ass and deserves no more from the NFL.

I could mention many others, Terrell Owens, PacMan Jones, blah, blah, blah. Enough already - you do the crime - you do the time. Enough said.



Dave said...

I love your reasoning and agree 100%. We don't need kids looking up to street thugs carrying Glocks around

daughter2 said...

I totally agree! Love ya

Kulkuri said...

My favorite asshole football player is Randy Moss. He was a total prick when he was with the Vikings and it looks like he hasn't changed much now that he is with the Patroits!!

arrozconpollo said...

I agree with some of your comments, especially about Chad Johnson not knowing that it should be "Ochenta Cinco". That drives me crazy too. However, these people aren't role models, they're professional athletes. Babe Ruth was a drunk and whore-monger in his day. Ty Cobb was a violent racist. If these guys were around today, they'd more resemble politicians than an athletes.

"No. 85" is harmless and has never been in trouble with the law. Mike Brown may be a terrible owner but he showed how to deal with prima donna WR's. No. 85 has shut up, realized he's under contract, and played through a separate shoulder this year even though the Bengals suck hard.

T.O. is another prima donna, but he's kept his nose clean and never had trouble with the law. Sure, he and No. 85 are pricks and give their coaches headaches, but they play hard through injury in a very violent sport where their career (or ability to walk) could be over on any play. Burress was highly praised playing through injury last year, but he too has always been a prick. And there are no guaranteed contracts in the NFL. The game is a business, so if their antics hurt the teams bottom line, they'd be gone. Their antics probably bring more interest in the teams, so I wonder how much of this is actually encouraged.

The Rooney's are great owners, but they also are pragmatists. If Hines Ward is not producing or can't stay healthy, there's no way they keep him on the roster. Loyalty only goes so far, and it has limitations both ways.

As for the criminal element, Michael Vick, Pacman Jones, Ray Lewis, Chris Henry, throw the book at them. I still don't think the NFL has nearly the crime problem that Capitol Hill does. If our kids looked up to political leaders as much as they do athletes, maybe the incentive to clean up our system would be greater.

themom said...

arroz: I agree with your capitol hill comparison. But I remember when TO pulled his "suicide" trick and caused major problems at the time, because of the lying from him and his girlfriend. Granted No. 85 - had more of a verbal problem which has been reigned in - thank heavens.

Now I hear that someone has been charged at NY Presbyterian hospital for not reporting this shooting accident...and heads begin to roll.

slyght said...

if i recall correctly, didn't chad johnson recently change his last name officially to "ocho cinco"?

arrozconpollo said...

Yes, thus ensuring his stupidity will live on in perpetuity :)