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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY....goofball!!

Theson is somewhere between St. Louis, MO and home at this moment...that is if they have started out for the day. If I didn't love him so much...I would strangle him for sitting on my last nerve and plucking it for fun. He actually asked me last night on the phone, if I had planned a "dinner" excursion for his birthday...get a grip! Not knowing what part of the country he is currently located and/or the time he may arrive home, making plans would have been ludicrous. So, he loses on this one, he will have to wait for the group dinner for sometime between Christmas and New Year's...unless he will be in Columbus with his buddies. After all, I am ONLY Mom. (Refer to "Mom of Arc" comment in previous post.)

Can you believe that he actually thinks he's his own man, and can make decisions on his own, without consulting MOM???? Damn kids, they are trying to drive me over the edge.

OK, that's out of my system, Happy Birthday smartie pants. How you made it to 31 I will never know. I remember telling you at 9 years old, 10 was not a given!! And here we are many moons later - you are the world traveller, and greatest young man in the world! Love you with all my heart and being - even though you are trying to put me in the ground quickly. (oops "M of A" again!) Just travel safe and get home soon. (btw...he has been out of the country it seems forever, and 2nd day back, gets a speeding ticket in Colorado. I say don't pay - let them track you down in Egypt! bwahhahahaha!!!!)

I am going to brave the idiotic, psychotic masses and try to get a few items, this morning. So far from done...but I will reach the point where, this is it - enjoy!

Have a great one and everyone shout a Happy Birthday to theson on his blog.



Mnmom said...

Like they say, the first 40 years of parenting is always the hardest.
Happy Birthday Son!

Mnmom said...

Say! I'll be driving through Ohio on Friday, 1-80. I'll wave as I go by so watch for me!

Anonymous said...

I hope he has a wonderful, safe and happy birthday!