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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The reason FAUX news sucks.....!!

It is not unknown of my distaste for Bill O'Reilly, and the punk Karl Rove is just a fart in the wind as far as I'm concerned. Crooks and thieves have very little place in my frame of mind. But listening to this piece, really pissed me off.

It appears that, through Faux News, a revisionist tactic is underway - and of course there are millions of people who believe all the pus that comes out of their mouths.

But, Rove states that the media never attacked Clinton when the stock market dropped "precipitously". I have gone back over the DJIA figures and cannot find a time where there was a "precipitous" drop in the market. As a normal course of events, there is always a fluctuation based on various reports, i.e., industry, pharmaceuticals, employment, etc. But the blatant facts are as follows:

1-20-93 Bill Clinton's first day, first term as POTUS, DJIA = 3,241
1-19-01 Bill Clinton's last day in office as POTUS, DJIA = 10,587

Fact: That's a 226% increase. As of today (an hour ago), the market has seen an overall drop of 16% in the two terms of Bush. That figure has been greater as when the DJIA dropped into the 7000 range.

When Clinton left office we had a $500 billion surplus and the National Debt was $5.5 trillion.

When Bush leaves (in 40 days) the surplus has turned into more than a $500 billion deficit and the National Debt has more than doubled to over $11 trillion.

When the figures are literally "out there", how these two morons can try to twist the state of the economy is unfathomable. I hear them saying (in my pea size brain), that everything is just rosy, and the liberal media is just trying to scare everyone, so that when Obama takes over - he will be credited with a "jump". Give me a break.

And we all know that LIBERAL is such a dirty word over at Faux!!! What idiots.


How about "Joe the Plumber" ????? It appears he finally got pissed off at McCain - and considering he is such an informed idiot, and he has his finger on the pulse of the electorate...well Hell...maybe we should still be following the jerk. Excuse me, not in this lifetime!

It appears today must be a newsy day...now Obama is asking for the Illinois Governor to resign. Considering this man (the gov) has sunshine on him and is always lawful - I imagine he will have something ignorant to say now. I honestly believe this man may have some mental issues.


Such a yucky, cloudy, rainy, depressing day. I just want to crawl under the covers and make it all go away. I think I may be headed for a depression, and I'm trying to ward it off. Taking a break now, so..Later......................


Liberality said...

In the interests of keeping my blood pressure down and my mood up, I refuse to even watch said news program. Most all of the media in this country sucks big time because they keep trying to misinform us. Faux just lays it on so thick that it can't be denied by any thinking person.

themom said...

Same here Lib...I just find the interesting video clips - that's enough to cause me to stroke out!!

Kulkuri said...

Tell us what you really think about lying, cheating, mudslinging sleasebags. Don't hold back like that or you'll blow a gasket! I refuse to listen to Faux News or Fixed Noise or whatever they are called as they are nothing but a propaganda machine for the corrupt Neo-Conjobs. Then again when you look at who owns it, you know that all he is interested in is making obscene profits and what better way than by convincing the idiot public to vote for those that will get rid of all rules and regulations on business and also just hand over the billions to those that already own everything!

The word is oppint, does that mean anything??