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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Climate change you say???? Could be....

This was the scene earlier this morning in New Orleans, as a freak snow swept through the area. My son-in-law works in that area, as a cable installer, and the crew apparently were sitting out this snow storm - as I am sure, roads could be treacherous in an area that probably does not switch to snow tires, chains or four wheel drives.

The last snow in New Orleans was in 2002, but I believe I heard earlier, that the largest snowfall in Louisiana was close to 100 years ago when 4" of white powder fell. Woohoo...I can live with that. Unfortunately, here in the Ohio Valley, we sometimes get real messes. Right now, we are on our second day of perpetual rain - cold, icy water drops...brrrrrr!! there are times I wish I had a burning fireplace.

Now, I go off on a tangent. I prepared some deed papers for a friend, and we were going to the courthouse this morning for the filings. As I went on my front porch waiting for theRuss to pick me up, I noticed the E-car (ambulance) at his next door neighbor's house. During this wait, I would guess a matter of fifteen minutes, I noticed the cop outside, just BS'ing with the EMT, and then they both non-chalantly got on their cell phones and were walking around.

Usually, when I see this kind of behavior, I KNOW that something serious has happened...as in a death. As we drove to the courthouse, I called another neighbor to see if anything had happened yet, and she said no - the ambulance was still there. After we went to 3 different offices in the courthouse and filled out the necessary paperwork, we decided to go to lunch before returning home. So, again I called the neighbor and there was no answer...hmmm. After a couple more calls to my home and another neighbors, we still did not have any answers.
While we were eating lunch, both our cell phones started ringing and we were both being told that yes, indeed this neighbor had died.

Now, death is handled so differently by people, this is hard to explain...but it about comedy and tragedy. This man is 66 years old, high blood pressure, bypass surgery, severe diabetic and heaven only knows what else he suffered from, but he was not healthy by any measure. His wife is a hypochondriac, who swears by her doctor, one of the biggest quacks in this valley - but he gives out Vicodin like candy and will prescribe anything her heart desires. **Makes his job easier - he just agrees with her self-diagnoses.

Now, these people live on next to nothing (financially) and in the 21 years I lived here, I know they have refinanced their home at least 12 times. The reason for all these machinations was because they own five, I repeat FIVE LARGE Standard poodles. (They live in a 4 room house for heaven's sake!) This woman eats, sleeps and breathes POODLES. There are no pictures of her 2 grandsons in her house on display - just POODLES. I once asked her point blank - if your grandson was in the hospital and you had a dog show to attend, what would you do? Her reply without hesitation was "go to the dog show!"

I have always had issues with her laziness, her prioritization of choices in life and personality in general. Now that her husband's body has been removed to the funeral home, she can only think of the cookies she had ordered for the dog show this weekend, and should she go, because her husband did all the driving........she is fukking nuts. She has never worked a day in her life and feels that everyone should take care of her. That would be nice in a perfect world, but LADY - get a grip.

There is no doubt she will lose the house (which the bank or finance company will never recoup what is owed), and she refuses to think of moving into housing (which will be all she can afford) unless she can take her 5 dogs. I should note that unless one has a strong stomach, it is hard to spend any length of time in her house, due to the smell, soiled carpet and dust. She has 2 large white and 3 large black poodles, and has them groomed regularly, not to mention Vet bills.
Realistically, we all know what kind of an expense that can be.

Anywho...I feel sorry for anyone losing a spouse, but this woman is just not like the rest of the world. Our street has become a mass of widows and widowers. Oh btw...poodle lady made the statement that she was having her husband cremated, so when she goes...the ashes from the dogs, her husband and herself can all be mixed together!! All rightey then.....as I hit my head off the wall.

Just a little excitement on my street for the day I guess. Back to watching the news and see what comes of the child's remains they have found in Florida. Is it Caylee or not, we will see.
Have a good day guys....Later..........


Mnmom said...

People never cease to amaze, do they? I have an aunt who wishes she could listen in after she dies so she can hear her kids fighting over her money and household goods.

Whenever I hear or see an ambulance, I say a prayer because someone's life just changed.

DCup said...

Oh, yikes. That's a shame for your neighbor. His wife sounds like she's going to be a handful.

Mathman6293 said...

Snow in the South is very dangerous. The people here can't drive under normal conditions - forget snow.

slyght said...

i liked him, that's too bad.

Mommy said...

Can you say borderline-personality disorder? Wow, I see it everywhere since I heard about the Book, Evil Genes by Barbara Oakley. Now I can not wait to read it - but it is backordered until after Christmas!

Nan said...

Sorry about your neighbor.

You know, every time I start thinking therapy or drugs might be a good idea, I hear about another person who makes the rest of us look so sane in comparison. . .

Nan said...

Almost forgot -- that New Orleans snow was definitely a weird weather phenomenon. The Younger Daughter lives northwest of the Big Sleazy and to the northeast of Houston by ~150 miles or so in each case. She said Houston got several inches of snow, too, and but all that fell where she lives in the piney hills was some sleet, and not much of that.