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Friday, December 19, 2008

Perpetually PREGNANT!!! They will.....

definitely need a federal bailout, now having their 18th baby!! This woman, Michelle Duggar apparently has no job and definitely her one and only hobby is PREGNANCY. I guess with a husband named Jim Bob (and NO they are not from West Virginia), he is well versed in the sperm donor trade.

I was going to make a snide remark, that after that many births, surely this one had to slide into her mother's arms, but she had a C-section due to the way the baby was laying in the womb. And good old Jim-Bob makes the asinine statement that this is "the ultimate Christmas gift from God." Need I jump all over this comment??? I don't believe God was the sperm pop here!

Holy crap Batman...this woman is only 42 and has been pregnant constantly for over 20 years. Just a note here, there are 2 sets of twins within this brood. And ya have to love the fact that each child's name begins with a "J." Egads.

Now if I had this many children (which in your wildest fantasies would never happen), and all their names began with a "J", I think I would still strive to simplify the name of this child. If for no other reason, that someday she my lose some brain cells and simplicity works. But she gave the little girl child FOUR fukking names (inclusive of the last name).

This would be a picture taken after #17 popped out. My first question would be to Jim-Bob, "what job do you have that enables you to support this many people?" I must research this and find out what he actually does, if anything. Apparently, they must get a check from TLC for the TV program (reality) "17 and Counting" which will be changing that number for their new season.

Many years ago, when women were not in the workforce in the numbers of today, there were many families with scads of kids everywhere. I remember going to school with a girl who was one of 14 children, and she hated the family situation. There was not much money in this family with a drinking husband/father, and a mother who fell into the belief of subservience and obedience to the patriarch. UGH!!!

Can you imagine having a child in every single grade of the school system? Having to change diapers continually for two decades??? Call me spoiled, I don't care. I love my children, but if I had had my own football team plus 2nd string, I would have considered a way out of that situation.

Each time I see a picture of this woman AND her husband I think of Andrea Yates, the woman who drowned her children in Texas. Her husband insisted they have all those children, knowing his wife was not psychologically capable of taking care of their needs. Not that Mrs. Duggar is like that, I am referring to the resemblance between her husband and Mr. Yates. Sure, let's have another baby, it is not physically wrecking his body. He is not the one who will lose bladder control at a much younger age. No, by all means Mr. Duggar, keep your wife barefoot and pregnant. And Mrs. Duggar, try these words "not tonight, I have a headache!"

Onto other glorious things now....theson is in Colorado Springs with his friend, and I just spoke with him on the phone. Mommy being ecstatic time. He may not head home till Sunday now, as he is going to Pike's Peak tomorrow and tour the area. I just want them to get on the road before bad weather. Grrrr.... I know, I know...he is going to be 31 years old this Tuesday, and I am just MOM!!!

Not to get excited here, but I did a teeny tiny itsy bitsy....bit of Christmas shopping today. Actually, it was more like, "this looks good, I 'll try one of these, someone will like this" and throw them in the buggy....now breathe. Truly wore me out!

OH, lest I forget (another 2 cents here), thankfully, they finally announced that the bones found in Florida were indeed those of Caylee Anthony. I'm sad about this, but from the beginning I felt it was an inevitability. I say, drag that slut of a mom into court, get rid of the "dream team" and fry her ass. Does that sound callous and cold...hmmm, could be! the little bitch has been ordering from the commissary like they crazy, snacks, playing cards, nail polish, girly things, to the tune of $300+. Apparently, this family has gotten rich during the past 6 months to afford all these attorneys, commissary needs and publicists. Nope, I'm sick of it all. She's guilty, and I said so. Justice done. Oh OK, have the damn trial...but make it very quick.

Enough of my trivializing for now, so have a good evening and weekend. Later..........


Anonymous said...

You know, I believe in a woman's right to choose and Mrs. Duggar is doing just that, but how at some point you've got to wonder how one can be a good mother to all those children. Hell, I know that sounds judgmental, but really? Yikes.

themom said...

DCup: I agree wholeheartedly. I think these people have just gone to excess. I also feel that in the long run, one or more of these children will feel left-out or short changed in some way.

Nan said...

One of my good friends back when I was in high school was the second oldest child in a family that eventually numbered 16 kids. She used to fantasize about becoming a cloistered nun. The reality in a large family is the baby machine (the mom) dumps a lot of the work on the older kids -- the cleaning, the diapering, the keeping on eye on the toddlers, etc., so they end up not having much of a life of their own until after they leave home. The good news, in short, is that it is not a situation that encourages the kids themselves to replicate their parents' efforts by having huge families, too.

kenju said...

I agree with you and Dcup. That man and woman are just nuts.

crystal dawn said...

They get their older daughters to help take care of the younger kids. Cuz that's the woman's place.

Also, believe they claim income through commercial property. Weren't they the ones that built their own humungous house as well using child labor? Say they live debt free. I smell church style donations since they preach the lord and stuff.

Chickie said...

I'm pretty sure the husband has some sort of government job/position. If I'm remembering right.

I hope horrible shit happens to Casey Anthony.