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Friday, December 12, 2008

Our FIRST snow day of the year!!! YUCK....

In all actuality, I guess we might have to call this an "ICE DAY" as opposed to a snow day school cancellation. As you can see, we honestly didn't get that much snow, but underneath this dusting is a thick layer of ice, and after a late night snowfall, more ice came down on top of all that.

Thegrandson couldn't "sleep in" if his life depended on it - so much like me (the non-sleeper)! He has been up, playing the PSP and PS2, since 9 am. I have been up since just before 7 am. Needless to say, thedaughter is still asleep (and it is now 12:16 pm). This is her 2nd day off in a row, and I need her help on getting some things completed, but since it takes her a while to "wake up" I will start by myself.

I'm getting excited, as theson will be home soon for Christmas. I believe he is flying out of Egypt one week from today. So hopefully, the drive from Colorado will go smoothly and I will see him by the 21st (fingers crossed) at the latest.

I have completed a couple of memes...which I am saving for the day that I am totally clueless as to what to base a new blog. I have many of those days lately.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Did you all get more snow later in the day? We did here. The roads were too warm for it to stick, thank goodness!

Liberality said...

snow, ice, snow, more ice, more snow--no thanks!

themom said...

ETW: Yep, it's 7:30 pm or so now and still coming down. Now....according to our weatherman (what a misnomer) we are not getting anymore snow. OK, glasses should be the first thing on his Christmas list (not to mention a brain.)