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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

#500 coming up....

I just noticed that this will be my 500th post...woohoo. I should make it exceptionally good, but I am NOT a writer by any stretch of the imagination. I just "calls 'em as I see's 'em!"

I mentioned before that there is an automated phone calling system, for school delays and cancellations. Today, having maybe 2" of snow on the ground (and our street appears clear) the phone rang at 6:15 am, and I didn't even answer, I let thedaughter pick it up, as I "assumed" it would be a 2 hour delay. I sleep with my TV on all night (and have mercy on the goof who dares to turn it off), and the "2 hour delay" scroll at the bottom of the screen had not changed, so being the smart granny that I am - I figured this phone call was stating just that fact. Then we get another automated call at 8:50 am, and I am figuring, "they must be cancelling school now!" No, it is to inform us of the change in scheduling for the 3rd grade Christmas program. DUH!!!

Thegrandson just came downstairs and I told him to dress warm, and he says "No, there is no school!" Get this...the TV "snowbird alert" is still saying "delay" and I'm arguing with an 8 year old, before I have even had my coffee.

Aha...Internet!! I check three sites and all say CANCELLED!! I have already fired off a phone call to the television station, telling them to pull their heads out of their collective asses - and get the information corrected immediately. the girl took this tirade quite well, she at least let me "almost" finish before she hung up on me! But I always feel better when I have completed the deed. **theson might just have a few comments on being around me when I get fired up. Maybe.

Now thegrandson is running around yelling "I TOLD YA SO, I TOLD YA SO!" He may not live till Christmas at this rate. Oh crapola...I just gave him the wrong cereal - he is going to be tough all day, I can just see this coming!

Thedaughter works 1-10:30 pm today, so at least thegrandson has his PSP and PS2 games to keep im busy. Plenty of books, games, toys and LEGOS!! He will be in puppy heaven. He is really a great child. If I need help with anything - he pulls on his "big boy" pants and jumps in and becomes my aide. We have conversations about everything - and when he gets to the annoying stage, my hand goes up - he gets that snarled mouth and stomps away. And all is well with the world.

I should imagine that theson is getting excited about now...he will be leaving shortly to head home for Christmas. As I stated before, he will be flying to Colorado, and driving (24 hrs.) home with an old school friend. With all this freaky weather, as a MOM, I will be on pins and needles till he gets here. then he will have to play a "rush" game with me, to help me finish shopping. I can get everything done in one day - at least I used to - as long as he is patient with my severe aches and pains. I have such a high tolerance for pain and I don't whine - at least not much, but this year has truly been a challenge.

Gonna run for now, but I will return today, I am sure. But first, what is with all those who have WordPress?? I am having trouble leaving comments on most, or maybe they just don't like me anymore. Curses!

I just took Chili out of the freezer for later today - what a perfect day for chili and corn bread..woohoo! Behave and enjoy the day. Later................


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You'll be sorry if I eat chili and I think you know why.

Kulkuri said...

I clicked on the Mom Song and when it started, I thought I would see the Lone Ranger, a mighty cloud of dust and a Hi Ho Silver!!

Where did you find the Snowbird, it looks like the one I remember from 20 years ago that was on a Roanoke, VA TV station. I think Cindi Farmer was doing the weather and it seemed like when she left she took Snowbird with her.

themom said...

Monkey: of course I know why...go ahead, be brave!! Toughen up, as they say.

Kulkuri: shhh! I swiped it from the local TV site...WTOV. they have used this snowbird for as long as I can remember. Must be universal.

CDP said...

He'd get along well with my 7yo...give that boy some Legos and some paper, and he's occupied for the day.

DCup said...

I love that rhythm you have with your grandson! When he gets too close to being on your nerves, you hold up your hand and he goes away with a face like thunder. He comes back, though, doesn't he?

Sounds like me and The Actor.

slyght said...

i asked the office if they minded if i played christmas music. they didn't, and it is on now. yeah, we'll get the shopping done on the annual south hills run, probably on the 21st or 22nd. load up on pain pills.

if you check the mail between CO and OH, the weather is going to marvelous, no worries, i only haven't driven in 8 months, come on... like bumper cars. ;-P love ya.