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Monday, December 08, 2008

Finally...and I HATE dealing with uploads!!

I'm still not sure why I was having the trouble I was, in uploading this video...but I still have a few hairs left in my head - amazingly enough!

My house is rather small, and we seem to be cramped at times, but it is HOME. Thegrandson has taken over what was once a "sitting room" - for all his toys...so it appears cluttered.

I wanted to explain about the Christmas pictures I have on the one shelf. I have five in a series of 7 collectible prints by Fran Lagana-Brooks. If you click on "View the Series" - I have the "Weeping Santa" collection. What fascinated me most when I first saw her works, was that she incorporated Santa with the baby Jesus. There are not too many offerings such as this. But also, there is a "tear" in the eye of either a person or animal in these prints. I take them to be a joyful tear. There are two prints I do not have, but may acquire at some point in time. Thegrandson truly loves to look at them. Someday, I will figure out where and how to display them much better.

One of my fellow bloggers made a video of her home and decorations and I thought that was a great idea. When I was growing up, Christmas decorating was so much fun, and I started collecting ornaments at a very young age. Unfortunately, I lost everything in a fire in '84. I did begin investing in Santa's after that. My Santa's have to have eyes that appeal to me, and I have received several from friends, that are stowed away, because their eyes are rather evil looking. Maybe I am just too particular. I have 5 Santa's in fantastic robes and outfits, but are over two feet tall, and I just do not have anyplace to put them - or they would be on display for sure.

So, on with the Season, hope everyone is faring well, and I will be back later.........

Thanks for dropping by.


Mommy said...

I loved it! My dad is the same way...he also collects Santas and is VERY particular about the eyes. He has to pick them out himself...only once did I dare buy a Santa for him. He did love it.. it had good eyes.

a tip for youtube, I always use the multi-video uploader no matter if I am loading one or six videos. it seems to work smoother - if you had not tried that give it a shot next time! It CAN still be a pain though!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at that! This is great. Your house looks wonderful and so festive!

Mnmom said...

Lovely! But what?? No Steelers Santas or Snowmen??

"What the hell, I've already burned one house down" You SLAY me!!!!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Cute! You should be married to the Evil Twin - he also LOVES shelves.

slyght said...

i'm pretty sure i didn't decorate the sitting room. i just had to pick on you.

themom said...

OK Slyght...I played it again and caught my little "misstatement". I'm old - I screw up sometimes. I'm sorry. It was "thegrandson" who decorated the sitting room.