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Monday, December 15, 2008

Very strange morning...

My morning was progressing as normal, other than the fact that I had the occasional duty of making sure thegrandson is up and get him to the bus stop, and then I finally get to read my e-mail.

Theson has sent me a sad one...the mother of his driver in Egypt, Emad, has died. I really like Emad, as he was so very helpful to me when I was visiting Egypt in May. He was my translator, chauffeur, cook, and aide. He is young, mid 20's, has a college degree in civil engineering I believe, but can only find work as a driver for the giant Company that employs theson. His ultimate goal is to make it to America to find work. I honestly hope that works out for him someday.

Apparently Emad's mother had surgery a few days ago, and possibly due to complications, did not survive. I sent Emad an email relating to him how sorry I was, and to hold on to his memories. But, as a mother, I just want to reach out and offer a hug or something.

This is a picture of Emad and his fiance' Sale', which was taken on our Faluca boat ride on the Nile. He is such a very good-looking young man, considerate, and dutiful. My heart goes out to him right now.

Twice since I returned home, I had a chance to chat with him via Skype...which was rather comical - because he has a fairly good understanding of English (which has only improved since working with theson, I'm sure), but there still remains some words that confuse him.

I will never forget the present he got ME for Mother's Day, while I was there. It was a lovely watch with interchangeable faces. I was dumbfounded that he felt he needed to even get me anything, as they don't celebrate MD there. In Egypt, the Mother is revered constantly.

So Emad...I love you and my heart is going out to you!

As thegrandson and I were waiting for the school bus, we both noticed this:

I can't remember ever waking up to a rainbow first thing in the morning. It was so very bright and vivid. The kids were having an argument as to which end, the pot of gold would be....hilarious. I am not sure if this is a good sign or not. The temps are 50+ degrees, yet we have a winter weather advisory issued already...for tomorrow night. That is weird. Supposedly, we are going to get maybe an inch of ice and sleet mix, which could be treacherous. Now I will have to worry about thedaughter getting home from work at 10 pm tomorrow night. With my bald tires, I will not be going anywhere.

enough for now, I am going to start these Pumpkin cookies, come hell or high water! I'm sure I will be back....later..............


DCup said...

How sad for Emad. I'm sure your words of comfort will help him in the coming days.

Don't work too hard today.

slyght said...

you've been skype-ing emad? you hussy!

we were trying to get him on with my company just as this happened. we'll still try, but it's definitely on a back burner for him now.