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Sunday, December 28, 2008

My absence has been due to PAIN!! Sorry....

Can Christmas go any faster? I truly do not think so. Even thedaughter made the comment (and she is only 29) that this holiday has just sped past. As we age, that becomes an even faster passing of the season.

After the Dec. 26th "clean-up", I was in intense pain - and I am talking my entire body (and there is a lot of that)! But we had to get some food laid out, as my oldest daughter (daughter2) and her husband and boys came over. Bless the boys little hearts, after eating and getting their presents - off they go to girlfriends and such. But, as things turned out, thedaughters made up, after having a minor disagreement in July, the son-in-law was happy, as well as me. Everyone (except me, the tee-totaler) enjoyed their beer and intoxication was underway.

As you can see here (L to R: theson - Zac, the SIL - Pete, daughter2 - Brenda and thedaughter -Carrie) are "showing their love" for each other. I have never once claimed here or elsewhere of any normalcy existing in this family - and never will. there are some other goofy pictures as well, I have added to my flickr site.

After such a hectic day, I wanted at least one family picture (even though I looked like hell garbage.) Since some of the off-spring - actually all of them, were intoxicated, it took awhile to get them to settle down, quit giggling or making faces - just to come up with a half-way decent representation of our family.

This is the best we could come up with - at the time. I'm sure a professional photographer, with wonderful "airbrush" techniques - could make me look like a pin-up - but that's so not happening.

Thegrandson was truly delighted with Santa's drop-offs. He received at least 10 PSP and PS2 games and many DVD's, trucks, coloring (crayola) stuff, Nerf gun and much more. And today, his question is "I don't have anything to play with!" Typical spoiled 8 year old - I may just smack kiss him later!!

The basement is drying out nicely, we have purchased a new dehumidifier and fingers are crossed. We have had a good deal of rain since that debacle, and "knock wood" - we are good for the moment.

I'm slightly depressed as today is the end of the NFL season, thank heavens I have a few weeks left of play-offs and then Super Bowl before I completely go nuts.

I hope everyone is enjoying family, friends and good food over the Holidays. **Note to self - must buy champagne for ME - for Dec. 31st. This week will be the buying of the kielbasi, pork and sauerkraut - yum-yum!

Theson is off to Cleveland in a little while to visit college buddy theJay, then he will be going to Columbus for the New Years celebration. He is flying back to Egypt on the 3rd of January. His visit is much too short, and his priorities are his friends - not Mom - but that's OK - he is a super son and I enjoy every single moment I do have him around.

Take care - rest up for New Year's and later..............


Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's great that you all had so much time to spend together. Now we just have to get thru New Year's!

Anonymous said...

I hate it that you had hassles over the holidays, but that's a great picture of you and your family! I'm glad that you got to spend time with them.

slyght said...

doting, DOTING!!!