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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Closing a chapter...but the fight goes on!

I just finished watching the press meeting with John & Reve Walsh, the parents of a murdered child. I remember vividly when their son Adam was kidnapped from a shopping mall, and the lackluster attention from the police, as the Walsh's were put through a multitude of polygraphs.

This occurred on July 27, 1981 in Hollywood, Florida. Long before Amber Alerts and DNA testing. But thanks go out to the Walsh's for their doggedness in their pursuit of answers. Adam Walsh's case has officially been closed as of today. His (suspected) murderer is considered to be Otis Toole, who died in prison, while serving time for an unrelated crime. Toole was a drifter and a convicted pedophile - and one can only help that if there is a hell - he is burning as we speak.

I have always admired the Walsh's - John is seen weekly on America's Most Wanted, and is driven to find these vile criminals and see that they are brought to justice. His wife Reve, has worked tirelessly, as in initiating the "Exploited and Missing Children" foundation. The Amber Alerts were a result of their efforts also. Think of all the abducted and missing children's families who have been helped by these systems - it is wonderful.

I am really happy that there is a resolve to this tragic case, although closure is not a word John Walsh will ever use. As long as children are being abused, kidnapped or murdered - we can be thankful that national attention is received almost immediately - thanks to these people's efforts.

Well, the snow is coming down again (supposedly another 2" expected), so we are definitely "in" for the night. No snowman creations from me!! Have a good one.



Mnmom said...

This is too sad, to think about anyone harming a child.

DCup said...

What a horrifying story. I cannot even imagine the Walsh's pain.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I was fairly sure years ago that Ottis Toole did it. He used to travel around with another serial killer whose name escapes me right now, but I read a book about them years ago and heard that he had confessed, then recanted, for the murder of Adam. He seemed like just the sort of scumbag who would have done this crime. While my heart goes out to the Walsh's, this unspeakable tragedy did bring about much reform for child abduction cases, and really publicizing other crimes.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I'm glad there was some closure for the family, but sad that this guy just had a normal death. I think we should have been torturing him for years before letting him get off so easy.