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Saturday, December 13, 2008

OK - just to get this off my chest...

Look at the eyes of this precious little girl. Did she ask to be brought into this world? Did she do someone wrong to initiate retribution?

I think not!! Little Caylee Anthony, was only two years old when she "went missing." This story is making National headlines at this moment, as the remains recently found 3/10 of a mile from the grandparents home, are believed to be those of Caylee. Considering that the F.B.I. was called in almost immediately, there had to be enough identifying components found, to believe that finally, there may be a slight resolve to this case.

I will not even place a picture of this child's mother on this site...as I find her to be so reprehensible, in her actions and possible motives. Casey, the mother is only 22, had many issues long before her child disappeared. Issues as in respecting the authority of her parents (apparently had hit her mother on occasion), issues as to her selfishness and self-centerdness.

I doubt that anyone can say they haven't heard of some aspect on this case, since it evolved in June 2008. The pictures that have been shown on TV and internet, of Casey "partying" with her cohorts, using forged checks in Target, and her lack of tears during most of this scenario.

I watched the Phil Spector trial last year, in it's entirety. Thanks to ktla.com and their live feed. It had to be the biggest joke of the century. But my point is leaning towards this...how does this 22 year old "afford" a Dream Team Defense?

The defense has hired Dr. Henry Lee, forensic authority, Linda Kenny-Baden (married to Michael Baden - famed coroner) in her own right a forensics expert, Dr. Spitzer, another famed "re-creation" and ballistics specialist and many more. these experts are not cheap by any standard. Casey's parents are not wealthy individuals, her father a retired cop and mother is a nurse. Are these experts depending on pieces of lucrative book deals and/or TV or movies to fund their expenses? What a sham!!!

These experts have an innate talent for "spinning" all evidence and facts in favor of the defense. I guess you could say they implant a definite "seed of doubt" in jurors.

I have heard that the Florida courts are far more conservative than in L.A., and they will probably not get away with their shenanigans as easily. One can only hope.

I will be watching the court sessions (if live-streamed or televised) hopefully, to see justice served. If this is truly Caylee's remains, I hope the death penalty goes back on the table. I have no sympathy for the mother, and cannot foresee that attitude changing. Casey is a sociopathic narcissist, and for her own selfishness needs to pay the ultimate price.

CHILDREN SHOULD NEVER BE HARMED!!! As a rule, no one should be harmed, but children are totally defenseless and trusting of their parent(s). We shall see how this all unfolds - as it will be on the national front for quite some time to come.

I know that some readers are not proponents of the death penalty, but I am. I have a hard time validating the long term care of murderers. Anyway, that is a personal belief.

I feel better now - having gotten this off my chest. (Droopy boobs and all!)



Mnmom said...

No, I can't support the death penalty but there you have it.

I think of the literally thousands of wonderful people, including her grandparents, who would have gladly taken this little girl as their own and given her a good life. Why can't sociopaths just walk away from their kids? Give them a chance at a good life?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

If it is her, I'll be glad for closure for this case for the many people involved. I don't want my tax dollars going to keeping that scumbag of a person (I can't very well bring myself to say "mother") alive in jail for years and years. I am all for the death penalty - particularly in this case. Swiftly.

slyght said...

i haven't heard a thing about this case, sorry. the benefits/drawbacks of working overseas.

did you really have to go as far as the droopy boobs? come on.

themom said...

OK Slyght - I will try to avoid mention of my droopy boobs. What...too visual for ya??? heehee

Mommy said...

I realize why some people do not agree with the death penalty, but if anything were EVER to happen to my boo boo by ANYONE - they better hide REALLY well. Children should never ever ever ever be harmed and the people who do things to children - ESPECIALLY their OWN children - deserve a special place in he-double toothpicks.

I am all for the DP, but it takes a lot of time to come to the end and actually execute. Sometimes I wonder if it is easier to let them rot in jail and not have them come up in the news over and over for years.