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Monday, December 15, 2008

This man has ISSUES....

Now, Dick Cheney is saying Obama will appreciate how he and Bush expanded the Executive powers...what am I missing here??? I should hope and pray that criminal charges are brought against this moron, and soon! No matter the argument, Cheney is a self-serving asswipe. He needs to just "go away" and enjoy the millions he has raped from this country and others through Haliburton. If I never hear his name again I would be quite happy - unless it is on an indictment.

I now have eight dozen Frosted Pumpkin cookies prepared. Thedaughter now says she want some Chocolate Chip cookies. Honestly, it will have to wait a couple of days, as my back is killing me. I hate feeling this way. I need to shop for Christmas and I can't even walk for any great amount of time, let alone stand. This is miserable.

Now, I have "cookie" tins all over the place - at least in the kitchen. I will now get a few decorative boxes and make up some "goodie" bags for friends. I guess this is an almost "done" job.

Now, that we have finished dinner - I need to get my hands wet all over again, by doing the dishes. Mothers work is never done, as they say.

I have to get off track again for just a moment. Has anyone else noticed how Dubya, thinks the shoe throwing incident was "cute?" I truly believe that it has completely gone over his head that this act, is the ultimate insult from an Iraqi. Can I please use the word moron again...please, please, please!!!

Got to get my "chores' finished, so I can head to a HOT bath!! Later..............


Liberality said...

Hope your back starts to get better. That's a lot of cookies you are making there.

Mnmom said...

Hmmmmm - a hot bath - pumpkin cookies - Bush going away - it's a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'd help you bake but I suck at it.