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Monday, December 08, 2008

The conundrum called...RECYCLING!?!?!?

Theson convinced us to start recycling everything possible about a year ago. It honestly seemed like the logical thing to do - as we enter a new ecological era. But now, with the economy in the toilet, even the recycling area is suffering.

As seen in the above article, the monies have fallen drastically for all materials, i.e., paper, aluminum, metals and plastics. Not being an expert in the field, I do know that landfills across the nation are becoming non-existent (or full) and with this downturn, people are going to amass considerably more "junk" that cannot be disposed of properly.

My back deck has become a real mess, in order to accommodate for a receptacle for glass, metals, aluminum, plastic and paper. We have a drop-off barn locally for all these materials - but with this apparent downturn - I look for notices to be posted, that they will not accept some of these items soon.

Of all the "recyclable" material we have, the least is anything plastic. Not that we have none at all...but far less than any other. We all know that the plastic drinking water bottles will live on forever in landfills, so most of that material is broken down and sent to Asian countries, which is used in product manufacturing - which more than likely comes back to the USA in a new and improved volatile form. I definitely think we have reached a very scary stage in our lives.

I made a video of the Christmas decorating that has taken place in my house...and I have been fighting, cajoling and crying...because I can't get it to upload to youtube. I can be such a moron at times...and this is one of them. I'm taking a break from the frustration - I am going to make another video and jump in again. Wish me luck.
Have to vacuum and some other neat little household things so for now...Later............


Anonymous said...

Scary times indeed. The ripple effect of the bad economy doesn't seem to be ready to ease up.

Good luck with the video!

Kulkuri said...

Recycling here is next to non-existant. Been here a year and a half and haven't seen anything like a recycling center. Where we lived before they had curbside recycling, on garbage day another truck came around and picked up the recycling. Now we live in an apartment and everything goes into the dumpster. One of the blogs that I follow has graphs that show the price for metals and all of them have been going down lately.

Dave said...

It also seems that as the economy worsens and stress levels kick up, we just stop doing it. I noticed I do less diligently in sorting the cardboard from the paper etc. We drift back to just throwing everything out as our world gets frightening and we focus our attention on family and survival.The environment, unfortunately, takes a back seat. We had a politician running for top job in the country on a wonderful "Green" platform. Unfortunately the economy bottomed out and jobs became more important. So a good man with a good idea lost out.