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Sunday, December 14, 2008

OK - Holiday Mix is done....

I just can't get up the energy to start on the Pumpkin cookies. I think I may just do them tomorrow while thedaughter is at work, and thegrandson is at school. I had three batches of this Holiday mix at various spots in my tiny kitchen, waiting for the chocolate to cool, in order to break it into pieces. Surprisingly, I hate regular Chex mix...but add white chocolate to it, and this is delicious.

This is one of the containers full of the mix, ready for me to divvy up to a few friends. I forgot to get more green & red M&M's at the store, so I had to make do with what I had left here in the house. I approximate about a quarter of a bag short, so it could be a little more colorful. Oh, well...it's still good.

My Steelers are looking like crap at the moment. Therefore, no way am I going to start another cookie project, as it would take away from me yelling and screaming at the TV. Interceptions, fumbles...it's enough to make my hair fall out...oh - it already has!!!

Enjoy the end of the day, I will still be here screaming at the boob tube. So Later.............


Anonymous said...

I'll be right there with my bowl!

Mnmom said...

So when can I expect my box full?

I didn't get around to the spritz cookies, but did make a vat of chili.