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Thursday, March 19, 2009


There is so much going on at the present time...AIG, bonuses, blame Obama, blame this one and that...I am taking a break from it all!!!

I choose to rant a little about my trip to Wally World yesterday. There are actually three Walmart's, equi-distant from my home, so yesterday I chose the one on the WV side of the river, south of my home. WTF is it with older women (that would be my age group), and GOING BRALESS???? I have been cursed or blessed in some minds, with boobs that have to be suspended in a bra at all times. God forbid I was a jogger, I would suffer a broken jaw and two black eyes, with these babies flopping wildly on their own. Oh...and FYI...I would not know if it is true or not that going braless - pulls the wrinkles out of your face or not!

These - and there were several - women were on the plus size, and wearing thin t-shirts or tank tops - and to even suppose they might be wearing a good foundation was a no-brainer. Gross, I tell you. Damn, their shoulders and backs have to kill them at the end of the day. Being nauseated almost immediately, I hurried my shopping and left the premises.

Sorry son...I know you get the creeps when I talk boobs and stuff!!! It just has to be said. I guess I must be blessed that they weren't wearing bikini's or thongs (I didn't check that close).

I have been shackled to the puter and calculator, as many of my clients are running later than usual this year. Usually I have a lull the first two weeks of March - but it has really been steady. The one client I have been working on for two days (still not complete), barters with me for their return. He is a contractor - and bartering works so well for me. I can't decide whether I want more gravel to expand the parking beside my house - or maybe get a new french door for the kitchen - which would involve closing in part of the wall. Decision, decisions...life is tough. I have a NINE foot sliding glass door in the kitchen - which I loved when I bought this house, but now it needs replaced as too much cold air comes through.

I had a large great dane/black lab mix dog - who jumped on the door constantly, which definitely loosened the door in the tracks. The screen is shot - yes, a new door, this would be my ideal change this year.


This is my NEW computer wallpaper...a panoramic shot of Pittsburgh with SIX Super Bowl trophies throughout the background. Awesome.

I should be able to polish off the bottle of Vodka tonight with a couple more appletini's. Thedaughter is shocked....I say "get over it!" It's not like I do this for a living.

I ran out of some supplies and headed to Staples a short time ago - and took along the four empty laser cartridges - they give me a $3 coupon for each one - isn't that cool. In the past, I have always shipped them back to HP via UPS - no money for me or nothing. I try to avoid Staples at all costs though...I could shop in there for hours. I need a new printer and would like one with the scan, copy, fax features, and they really aren't that expensive. But I have my priorities and a new printer isn't on the list this year. I'm sad about that, but what can I do.

Gotta run for now...everyone behave. I'll return....later.........

**I just noticed I LOST one of my followers..wuz up with that? They are hard enough to get as it is! Curses. And please stop by and read Margaret & Helen's latest entry.


J Ho said...

I wonder if the news of these recent bonuses didn't break in the news... would the same outrage be executed by the Obama Administration publically? It's been shown the Obama Treasury knew about the retention bonuses before the news broke.

Would there have been hearings? Or a quiet, back room, boys only negotiation where most of those bonuses would have been allowed?

Could this be the TARP money at work, funding lobbying efforts, which control policy, across both parties?

John said...

Love reading your blog and I know what you mean about taking a break from the AIG mess, Obama, Geitner, GRRRR...of course we're all outraged, but I'm like you...I don't need to see that on every blog! I do accounting too, so I feel your pain! I need to get my own taxes done!

Are you sure you lost a follower, or maybe that follower just went anonymous? I just went anonymous because I had so many blogs I follow that start with the letter A! Nothing personal...it's just when you click the follower's pic it lists blogs they follow, but only shows like 3, then you would have to scroll down to see them all. I'll put my follower pic back up for you MomNuts...since your blog is so good.

Chickie said...

I was looking at some chick's bra straps that were hanging out tonight & it grossed me out. I realize that it would have been worse if she hadn't have had one on.

rennratt said...

If you want the full spectrum of horror, please allow me to invite you south in the next few weeks.

I live in the land of chicken farms, pork farms, tobacco and cotton. The women here are grown sturdy and strong, and everything is fried in fatback.

Many of them adore slinky clothes...and despise bras.

You aren't alone, my friend. Just be glad you saw it in WV pre-spring, rather than in a southern summer!