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Monday, March 16, 2009


WTF is up with Google Reader? Is anyone else having problems? I can read through the blogs, and when I want to "mark them as read", I get the message that I am "not signed in." As soon as I sign in - BAM - same message. Google needs to get their head out of their ass and fix this problem. Don't they know I have no patience and could blow like a stick of dynamite?? Do they want a mentally deranged person crawling up their butt to COMPLAIN??

Considering this is a day that everyone and their Aunt Clara, has been bitching, griping and threatening the AIG greedocrats...what more can I say? I am sure we have not heard the end of this debacle. I actually want to see "the best and the brightest" grilled by the Senate and Congressional committees - maybe even see them break a sweat or squirm just a little bit. It definitely will be interesting.

As soon as I ALMOST got caught up today, I had a slew of clients drop off their information. For years, my partner and I had a policy that if returns/info was not in our office by April 1st, we would file extensions. Since I have been on my own (since 1996), I have only had to file one extension. So that means I DO work a lot of hours, but this is what I like to do. Taxes and blogging. Throw in a couple of pots of coffee and all is good with the world.

But now it's time to call it quits for the day. I actually have a headache - too much information and data running through the gray cells. I'm even letting the dinner dishes go till morning. Have a good one all and I'll catch ya.....later......


Liberality said...

That is such a cute picture you put up there. Hope you feel better soon!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Take two aspirin and blog me in the morning. Next time we're in the same hospital we should meet up and have coffee :) Small world isn't it?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I never used Google reader. I use the updated blog roll thingy.

Annette said...

I don't use the reader either.. just the blog roll so I haven't any idea how it even works or if it does...lol

Sorry about the head.. hope you are better today. Happy St Paddy's

Nan said...

I noticed Google problems, too, but not until this morning. I went from having a list of blogs I was following to it telling me I wasn't following any. About an hour later they all were back. Very strange.