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Saturday, March 21, 2009


It appears that Sarah Palin just has to be in the spotlight at all times. As you can read here, she has amassed over a half million dollars in legal debt and feels she may need to set up a Legal Defense fund to deal with this debt.

This woman is a real pain in my ass, and undoubtedly to a great portion of Alaskans. She is up for re-election in 2010 - and from stories I have seen reported on various sites...she may have a STEEP uphill battle on her hands.

This bitch woman even had the audacity to put her two cents into the Obama "Special Olympics" flap. Excuse me, she may have a special needs child, but after watching her during the campaign, I would not give her a single star for parenting. Let alone, give credence to her comments regarding Obama's remark. She has gone so far as to turn down the stimulus monies, which would allow for an infusion into special needs educational programs - something that has been lacking for the past eight years.

When is...enough is enough??? To ask the people of Alaska to pay for her defense, on issues that definitely warrant investigation takes balls. I say Sarah - eat shit and die!! The people of America have had to dig deep enough already to bail out AIG and other banks - your mess is entirely your own doing - DEAL WITH IT!!!

thegrandson had a shearing on Wednesday. He actually liked his "long" hair, but baseball season is approaching and he didn't want to be called a "girl" - hence - clip, clip, clip!!!

Since the little fart was "getting a cold", he was somewhat grumpy during this event. But as usual, I was able to make him smile.
Today, being Saturday - a non-eventful, probably going to be boring day...thegrandson is feeling better and quite creative.

It's TENT CITY time!! He has his portable DVD player in there, a snack, and only comes out once in awhile. Works for me! His mother gets pissed because of the mess, but I don't see a problem - I love letting him be creative. That's what kids do.

Enough for now folks...I've bored you more than enough, so.....later..........


Utah Savage said...

Where did you find the Parenting Magazine cover? It's perfect. My mother could have been it's founder. And frankly, Sarah reminds me of my narcissistic mother.

The haircut was terrific. I used to love nothing more than to "make a tent" just like that and hide out listening to grown-ups say things they wouldn't if they could see me in the room. Then again, they just might have.

Mnmom said...

Someday very soon, Sarah Palin will become a footnote in history.

LOVE tents in the living room. My sibs and I did it all the time, and then my kids built their own. It's a magic world under there.

Nan said...

I want a tent in my living room. Maybe if I crawled into one, I'd never have to see Sarah Palin's name again.

Seeing that she's deep in debt makes me nostalgic for 18th century debtors' prisons and/or the old-fashioned poorhouse with its servings of gruel.

John said...

I think that girl on the magazine cover is coming out of the Wassilla Walmart.

I agree with MnMom...someday can't come soon enough. I bet we'll get some better women candidates in the future, possibly because of Palin...so that's a good thing.

Wow your grandson got a really drastic haircut! I like it though! I took my grandson to the barbershop for his first real haircut at age 2...he was NOT a happy camper!

Yes, that is what kids do (among other things) is make those blanket tents! My daughter and her friends would move furniture all around and have tent tunnels! Brings back good memories. Thanks for sharing.

rennratt said...

Yesterday must have been one of those days.

Nooze made a fort in her bedroom to sleep in last night. She slept on the floor; her beagle stretched out and had the bed to herself!

Anonymous said...

I'd be very surprised if Palin was reelected governor. Putting her on a national stage didn't help, shining a light into that squirrel's nest of idiocy that is her family. Now she's grandstanding by rejecting desperately needed stimulus money? By the time 2012 is here, she'll be lucky to have her own show on Fox News, right between Hucksterbee and Glen Beck.

Lisa said...

Your grandson is so adorable. My kids haven't made tents in ages. I kind of miss that.

Chickie said...

I loved making tent cities with the kids when they were smaller. My niece will be down this summer & I know she'll want one then. I can't wait!