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Sunday, March 29, 2009


...and U.P.S. has taken the bold step of discontinuing any advertising on the O'Reilly Factor. There has been a push to get advertisers to review their policies and to discontinue any advertising on Bill O'Reilly's show on Faux New.

There have been many instances of O'Reilly's thugs blindsiding those who apparently present a "danger" of sorts to his philosophies. After his stalkers have literally come out of the weeds and videotaped their targets...he, of course, twists and edits out pertinent information to give the impression he is God Almighty and the rest of us his minions.

His stance on women and rape, from a story he aired a while ago - where he essentially blames "the woman", triggered his forces to attack Ms. Turkel while she was on vacation. As she stated to Keith Olbermann, no one ever saw the important parts that were filmed...and that she was terrified, as these people had staked out her home and followed her several hours away as she left for vacation.

Bill O'Reilly is one scary and dangerous dude. If he disappeared from the face of the earth it would not be soon enough for me.

Well, I have to get back to work now. I have been calculating all my medical bills and I have sent myself into another depression. Have a great Sunday all....and later.............


Mauigirl said...

He's on my list along with Michael Savage (who deserves the last name he has) and Rush. Oh yeah, Ann Coulter too. They should all disappear and we'd all be better off.

Liberality said...

And that Laura whats-her-name who pretends to be a doctor and give advice. I hear her sometimes while scanning the FM dial and she needs to go as well!

rennratt said...

People like O'R and Rush and pretty much every one else on that channel really creep me out.

I liked Glenn Beck back when he was on the Other Channel, but now I'm not so sure. Every time I see him on tv now, he seems to be crying. I dunno. Maybe he has a reason.

Perhaps regret in changing channels.

Utah Savage said...

Mauigirl, there is another savage in the house. I am nothing like Michael Savage, but not all savages are idiots and asses. Well, at least I hope not.

I've been following Olbermann's O'R Worst Person in the World routine for a long time. But since O'R, the worst person in the world, sent his goons to stalk Ms. Turkel, I'm thinking his goose is cooked. She will not let him get away with this bullying bullshit. I predict that now that Big Brown has dumped him, the dominos will start falling.

Kulkuri said...

Now if we could convince other companies to pull all their ads from that channel. That's the only way to stop the bullshit.

Lemmy Caution said...

I agree with rennrats that there was a time long ago when Glenn Beck was sorta funny.

Then, after joining the Moron, oops I mean Mormon Church, he went off the deep end of religious right wink tinfoil hat whackadoo mountain.

Why Oreilly, Hannity, Beck, Savage, etc. have ANY audience at all does not speak well for certain pockets of America. Ooof.